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Mandatory shakes BDS – VRL France Match 2

After a promising but complicated first match against OG the Team Mandatory played this time against Team BDS. At the end of this new BO2, our team is proud to win their first victory, especially since their opponents are among the favourites of the tournament!

Final score

BDS10 Haven 13
17 Ascent 15

The match was extremely close from the first map. The teams were going head to head on Haven, but the impetuosity of Jbzz and the precision of APO made the difference more than once. They went on a series of eliminations and allowed their teammates to confirm their advantages. Mandatory then won its first ever map in an official match.

On Ascent, the game started badly. On Defence, our players struggled to hold positions, especially against Juseu and logaN. But aware that they could not win by playing passively, Mandatory, led by HyP, started to chase their opponents and force confrontations, even when the opponents preferred to run away and concede the round. After a glorious comeback, both teams made it to over time and it took a while for them to be decide the winner. Unfortunately for us, it was BDS who managed to confirm the victory in the end.


Map 1: Haven

Map 2: Ascent

Best moves

Jbzz MVP

Are there any who still doubt the place of Jbzz in the team? He is for the second time the MVP on Haven, thanks in part to his twirling entries and triples!

The saviour eco

Still on Haven, while BDS seemed to be taking a serious option on the victory, Mandatory managed to win its eco round and reverse the game!

There is no escape from HyP

On Ascent, HyP is behind the team's comeback and is getting his team back on track.

Jbzz scores a triple to equalise

After being 6 rounds behind, the team managed to come back on an extremely aggressive entry and a triple from Jbzz.

Our next match is tomorrow, 23rd February 2022 at 9pm ! The Team Mandatory will face Valar Morghulis.