Notes Patch 2.01 de Valorant

Valorant Patch Notes 2.01

Le 20 January 2021 à 16:30

Here's an unexpected patch! Just a week after Patch 2.00 and a Wednesday, on top of that. Riot Games has decided to roll out various changes today. The most notable are undoubtedly those of Split.

This singular timing is probably due to the imminent launch of the Valorant Champions Tour in some regions of the world.

Key points to remember of Patch 2.01:

  • Jett's smoke nerfed
  • Numerous changes on Split
  • Penalties for AFK players

Jett's smoke nerfed

The Patch 2.00 was an opportunity to readjust Omen and Brimstone. The aim was to make Brimstone more prominent. Since he must be the dedicated Smoke Agent, Riot Games decided to downgrade the power of the others. In the future, developers will be more careful not to make utility Agents less effective in control than offensive Agents.


  • Smoke duration recuded from 7 to 4.5 seconds

Note that this change on Jett is a step back from Patch 1.0, , where the Smoke had gone from 4 to 7 seconds.

Numerous changes on Split

Split is entitled to many changes in this patch. In order to diminish the advantage of the Defenders, many corridors and bottlenecks are being adjusted. The map was full or recesses that put attackers in 50/50 situations when going through gates. Most have been removed or adjusted.

Here are Before/After comparisons of changed locations:

Notes de Patch 2.01 : Modifications de Split

Penalties for AFK players

In an effort to make games of Valorant less frustrating, Riot Games is now targeting AFK players. The penalties for players who log out during a game have been adjusted. The goal is to moderately penalise those who have simple connection problems, but to be uncompromising about voluntary absences.

The new system now takes into account the frequency of a player's disconnections and the number of rounds they're absent. For prolonged and repeated absences, the offender will have to endure much longer waiting times for his next games. The goal is to dissuade bad players from leaving a game at the slightest annoyance in order to be able to start a new one more quickly.

Patch 2.1 also contains its usual set of bug fixes and interface changes. You can view the full Patch Notes on the official Valorant website.

Patch 2.01 will be deployed on the night of Wednesday 20th to Thursday 21st January.