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Valorant Notes de Patch 0.47+

Valorant Patch Notes 0.47+

22nd April 2020 – 11:25am

Valorant updates with the beta patch 0.47+. Even though Valorant has already had a few discreet patches since its launch in closed beta, a few weeks ago, it’s the first time that one of them is accompanied by traditional Patch Notes. The first of many to come!

In case you’re not used to this practice, it’s a publication that lists in detail the slightest modification made to the game, while explaining the reason behind each change. The goal is to be as transparent as possible with the players and to see in which direction Riot Games wants to evolve its FPS.

The patch in 3 important points:

  • Knives are stronger against structures.
  • Raze’s Paint Shells have been nerfed.
  • Sage’s Slow Orb is adjusted.

Knives are stronger against structures.

Valorant Patch 0.47 Mur Sage

Knife attacks to structures and devices of other Agents inflict double the damage. This includes damage against Sage’s Barrier Orb and Haven’s strong double doors. The purpose of this modification is to make these structures less oppressive in an eco round.

Of course, this isn’t without risk since you will have to go into melee and equip your knife to scratch the walls with it. But it will at least make less noise!

Raze’s Paint Shells have been nerfed.

valorant patch 0.47 grenades raze

Raze can now only use one Paint Shell per round and has to eliminate two opponents to recover another. The goal is to align the pression brought by the character with other Agent’s pression. All of her explosives are also much louder, up to the threat that represents a zealous artificer.

It’s a big blow for Raze’s players, but a one that seems deserved. The character is recurrent in the different player’s tier lists, partly for her ability to easily hurt her opponents with her grenades.

Sage’s Slow Orb is adjusted.

Valorant Patch 0.47 Orbe Ralentissement

Two changes have been made to the Slow Orb. Players who mastered bunny hop are now properly slowed down from the moment they walk on it. So far, the bunny hopping has offered such a speed boost that the Slow Orb had no time to be effective. But it’ll always be faster to jump like rabbit into the area of effect rather than just run.

The other change offers an interesting tactical choice, since the victimes of the Slow Orb will no longer make any noise if they step on it. So far, moving around in the area sounded like a broken glass, betraying players’ positions, which has provided spotting properties to a skill whose purpose was to slow down. Although you can still hear players running as well, walking is now an interesting stealth option.

The rest of the patch consists of making some quality of life updates and several bug fixes. Even if Cypher armed cameras bug was urgently patched last week, it’s officially listed in this patch 0.47+.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official Valorant website.