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valorant patch 0.49

Valorant Patch Notes 0.49

28th April 2020 – 7:45

A new Valorant update has just been announced. The beta Patch Notes 0.49 will be deployed soon and should bring ranked games. In addition to this eagerly awaiting addition, it also includes numerous bug fixes, as well as improvements in quality of life and game interface.

The Patch in 5 important points:

  • Valorant ranked games arrive tomorrow.
  • A nerf for Omen
  • Convenient interface changes
  • Graphical improvements of some Agents
  • Mass bug and exploits fixes

Valorant ranked games arrive tomorrow.

valorant ranked

Players are tired of playing without competition and Riot understands that. As announced last week, the ranked games will be available tomorrow. Wednesday night, Valorant servers will be unavailable for maintenance. They will return at 9:00am and the long-awaited competitive mode will be activated as soon as the servers are stable.

To learn more about how it works, don’t hesitate to consult our article on Valorant ranked games.

A nerf for Omen.

When Omen used his Ultimate ability, From The Shadows, it was hard for his opponents to determine when his shadow was vulnerable or not. The problem will no longer be, since that from the moment you shoot Omen’s shadow, it will take damage.

Convenient interface changes

Valorant is in beta, which means that Riot Games has done its best to present a playable version, despite some details. They’re gradually fixing these problems, including one that had been raised by community: the display of damage taken.

Until now, you could almost only rely on sound to know if you had been hit by a shot or not. Now, damage taken should be easier to identify, thanks to the addition of a directional indicator.

Graphic improvements for Omen and Breac.h.

Valorant Omen Rework

We mentioned this earlier, Omen will get a rework very soon. We don’t know yet if it’ll be in this patch, but the Patch Notes mentions it. More surprisingly, it seems that Breach too will get a graphic update.

Some graphic effects, ability icons and effects on the mini-map have also been redesigned, especially those concerning the poison of Viper.

Mass bug and exploits fixes

Many bugs and exploits are fixed in this patch. Some concern specific cases that are quite rare, but there are others that will get themselves talked about. Some places where devices could be put have been changed, without anyone knowing exactly how. It might as well impact the creation of One-Ways in one way or the other.

The rest of the patch consists in a listing of around fifty modifications, the majority of which are used to correct bugs and improve game interface.

You can view full Patch Notes on the official Valorant website.