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Valorant Bannière Infographie Mandatory Cup

Infographic: The #MandatoryCup Stats

12th May 2020 – 8:20pm

As you know, we organised this weekend our very first Valorant tournament: the #MandatoryCup. Now that all the matches have been played, this is an opportunity for us to take stock and review the most interesting statistics of the competition. By gathering 640 players from all over Europe and with no less than 131 games played, we can get some pretty interesting information!

The #MandatoryCup

The #MandatoryCup was a tournament open to all of Europe. We had the pleasure of seeing players from many different nationalities participate. We find of course a majority of French, but we’ve also seen players from Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Norway… and many others. A real melting pot of players!

In total, we received 894 registrations. 128 teams were selected and 640 players were able to compete. Thanks again to all participants.

We also had the pleasure of having more than 325,000 unique live viewers, with a peak of 29,482 simultaneous viewers during the final. Thanks to you, who followed the tournament commented by ZeratoR and AlphaCast, on Elo Hell Esports or on the different streams made by the community and the players.

The complete Infographic

Infographie de la Mandatory Cup
Our full #MandatoryCup infographic


The pickrate represents the number of times an Agent has been played. It says a lot about their popularity, and, by extension, their efficiency.

Mandatory Cup : Pickrate
Pickrates of different Agents during the #MandatoryCup

We won’t be surprised to learn that Sage is the most picked Agent in the competition. With a 99.24% pickrate, she was played 260 times over 132 games. This means that she wasn’t picked only 4 times in the tournament.

In second position, we find Cypher. The secret Agent was played in 84.35% of the games, so that’s 221 times in 132 games. He’s closely followed by Brimstone and his 83.5% pickrate, which is equivalent to 219 selections out of 132 games.

Still above the 50% selection, we find Breach (66.41%) and Raze (60.31%). The former has been in the spotlight for several weeks now in established teams of 5 players, while the efficiency of Raze as an independent duelist has been proven.

Then, it’s the comedown. Phoenix is the best-performing Agent among the lasts with a 29.77% pickrate. It’s very close between Sova and Omen, with respectively 25.57% and 24.43% pickrates. Finally, Jett, but mainly Viper, struggled to find a place with only 15.65% for the knives juggler and 10.69% for the poisoner.

Be careful however. The lack of popularity of an Agent alone doesn’t mean that the character is weak or useless. As ec1s told us in interview, a character like Viper would have been played a lot more if more matches were played on Bind. Likewise, Ardiis (icepaperhands) has shown us that a well-used Jett can be absolutely formidable when combined with an Operator.


The winrates (victory rate) that will follow should therefore be treated cautiously. This statistic is all the more difficult to interpret because an Agent can be played on both sides at once, bringing their winratio back to balance. It still reveals some interesting stats.

Mandatory Cup : Winrate
Winrates of the different Agents during the #MandatoryCup

As aforementioned, Sage was in almost every game. She’s then necessarily present for both winners and losers, which earned her a perfect winrate of 50%.

More surprisingly, Raze also has a 50%winrate, whereas she was much less played. She was in 79 won games and 79 lost games.

The one on the throne is Breach. With his 56.32% winrate, he proves that his position as an aggressive support is really useful to those who recognise his value.

Cypher, the second most selected Agent in the tournament, is also the second Agent with the highest win ratio: 53.85%.

All the others are below 50%! They won less than half of the games they were played. Brimstone isn’t very far, however, with 49.77%. The other ones are lower, Omen with 46.88%; Phoenix with 44.87%; Jett with 43.90%; Sova with 43.28%. Perpetual last, Viper won only 28.57% of the games played.

Rounds, Maps and Spikes

Out of the 132 games played, we note that 61 were played on Haven. The three BP map seems to be the player’s favourite. Its larg open lines favor snipers as much as its corridors allowing melee fights. Haven therefore allows varied strategies.

Bind and Split were played an equivalent number of times. Bind was played 36 times, when Split has been played 35 times.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to tell you which side was dominant.

In total, no fewer than 2300 rounds During these rounds, Attackers managed to plant 1244 Spikes. The Spike was then planted more than a one round in two. More interestingly, there were only 305 defuses. This means that the teams that succesfully planted the Spike won their round more than 75% of the time.

This last statistic is to be put in perspective anyway, since the teams succeeding in reaching the BP to plant the spike have generally already taken a certain advantage in the game by piercing the opposing defenses. One sided-games therefore have a much greater change of seeing a planted Spike go to detonation or complete elimination of the opposing team. It was in the first round of the tournament that we saw the least number of Spikes being defused (20%) while the Final, where the level was higher and more balanced, has the highest percentage of Spikes defused (37.50%).

Roll of Honour

Most Aggressive Player: Yacine (NiP Mix)
His solo skirmishes allowed him to take the first blood 10 times in a single game, during the little final that confronted him with TooGoodForLan.

Best KDA in a game: Asking (!drops)
In the first round of the tournament, he killed 42 opponents and was only killed 15 times, which gives him a 2.8 ratio. Quite a performance for a match that ended on 13-11.

Final’s MVP: soulcas (fish123)
With 25 kills for 17 deaths, the precision and the technique of soulcas created a spectacle throughout the grand final.

Note that each of these players won their prize while playing… Raze.

You now know a little more about the numbers of the Mandatory Cup. We hope you enjoyed this tournament and that you will come forward if we organise a new one!