First Strike EU : Grande Finale

Valorant First Strike EU – Day 4: Grand Final

6th December 2020 – 10am

After more than a month of competition, we are there. The grand final of the Valorant First Strike EU is played tonight. Out of the hundreds teams that played, two unexpected teams, Team Heretics and SUMN FC, will battle it out for the title of European Champions.

Indeed, the semi-finals ended in the failure of G2 Esports and the breakdown of FunPlus Phoenix. The two finalists ultimately represent the natural evolution of Valorant. Pure skill in combat is not enough today. It's the tactical intelligence that makes the difference.

The Team Heretics, able to adjust their strategies according to their opponents, and SUMN FC which proved that a well-established plan is at least as important as the accuracy of the shots, are the perfect examples of these developments. We will talk about it soon.

But who will win tonight?

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