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Valorant Bug Caméra Cypher

Bug: Cypher’s Killer Cameras

15th April 2020 – 7:30pm

Valorant still being in batait’s not surprising to see some bugs appearing here and there. But we must admit that some are particularly fun, as it’s the case for this surprising use of Cypher's Spy Cam, to say the least.

By placing a camera somewhere and throwing a gun so that it falls on the camera while Cypher is using it, the camera catches the gun and equips it. Cypher’s player can then use the weapon and fire it, rather than the usual beacon dart.

This bug really entertained players on social networks, failing to please those who were killed by an usually discreet and harmless camera.

Of course, Riot Games was quick to correct the situation and deployed a hotfix a few hours later to calm the deadly impulses of the cameras.