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Valorant Omen Rework

Towards a rework of Omen, the first of Valorant

28th April 2020 – 12:41pm

The Shadow Agent struggles to convince both players and Riot Games. Even if he has fans, we just have to see that he struggles to climb higher than the middle of solo tierlists as of team tierlists to realise there's a small problem. Valorant developers shared their dissatisfaction and announced a rework of Omen soon.

If you are a League of Legends player, you should be familiar with Riot reworks. For the others, let us explain: it’s a more or less large-scale rework of a character. A visual rework will change the look of a character (from a single uptodate to real physical change making it unrecognisable). A mechanical rework will modify their abilities. A complete rework will touch on both aspects in order to redefine or consolidate the theme of the character.

Omen is going to have a complete rework. Regarding the looks, at first, Omen will be equipped with a mask. A sort of iron plate, where three slits scratches let out the characteristic blue of his eyes. We can already seen this look in the presentation video of Omen published by Riot.

Valorant Omen Rework
Official Omen Artwork

But we’re also talking about a mechanical rework. Riot Morellosaid that the goal isn’t to take Omen out of his identity, but to reinforce it. He will always be a master of shadows, but the way he interacts with other players and the environment around him will be different.

His Paranoia should be completely remade. The ability is considered unreliable and with too little impact. The new iteration will retain some properties, but should be able to affect more than one opponent at a time. Omen’s teammates should also be able to see the area of effect of Paranoia on an affected enemy.

From The Shadows, Omen’s Ultimate ability, could also be changed, but in a slightly less drastic way. At first, the goal is to make Omen more useful and enjoyable to play. Morello doesn’t exclude that more drastic changes could happen.

Omen’s rework should happen rather quickly. We can therefore expect a patch in the coming days. It remains to be seen whether he is the first of a more or less long list to be redesigned. We remember Crusader, a datamined Agent abandoned during development.