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#MandatoryCup Recap Jour 1

#MandatoryCup: Day 1 Recap

9th May 2020 – 11:10pm

The first day of the Mandatory Cup is over! They were 128 teams at start, there are only 4 left now! After a day full of clashes and surprises, the top four European teams made it to the semi-finals.

The first round of the bracket was an opportunity to sort out the players who came for the pleasure of participating and those who had real ambitions in this tournaments. The majority of matches were one-sided, as we could expect it.

Things started to get complicated in the next step. It’s particularly the case for the NiP Mix (Ninjas in Pyjamas) who played against Banda Myxomop and who won (13-12) after a very tense duel.

The round of 32 marked the end of the race for the teams of ZeratoR and Gotaga. The veterans of Counter-Strike gradually took the places that led to the top of the podium. There were still some nice surprise, such as the victory of Azo's StarS , LiptoNNN and Jbzz who knocked down Orb’s Team Nordic (13–11).

Following the end of the quarter finals, we finally had our four semi-finalists.

#MandatoryCup Bracket final

View the entire bracket on our follow-up of the #MandatoryCup.

Team: fish123
ec1s – icepaperhands – soulcas – Kryptix – L1NK

The players of team fish123 were the first to qualify for the semi-finals, and in a beautiful way thanks to a 13-5 victory. This is the pro CS team that have beaten the Manes of Gotaga in the round of 32.

Team: TooGoodForLAN
Fake – synde – repl4n – JESMUND – aleksiq

The TooGoodForLan team won against the AzoX Stars and rose to the semi-finals. Apart from the second game which was a stomp, the following matches were fairly balanced (they encountered difficulties in the first game) and ensured a good show.

Team: NiP Mix
Tenner – bonkar – rhyme – Yacine – Zyppan

The Ninjas led by Tenner managed to get rid of the Indyspensables in the round of 32 and ScreaM’s Prodigy in the quarter-final. While we expected them to dominate the tournament, their victories were won by a hair’s breadth!

Team: HypHypHyp
Hyp – PetitSkel – Fearoth – CREA^ – LaAw

Hyp’s team HypHypHyp (and not Hurray!) is the last French team competing. They triumphed hands down in most of their games, despite some tough opponents, including Obsidian Esports.

The fight will resume as soon as tomorrow, Sunday, 10th May at 2pm with the semi-finals, the third-place play-off and the grand final. Everything will be commented by ZeratoR and AlphaCast, exclusively on the Twitch channel of ZeratoR.

The matches will surely be intense. This time, every match will be played in BO3. It will therefore be necessary to be more regular than ever, to have steady nerves and learn to adapt to opposing strategies and counter-strategies.