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valorant mandatorycup how to watch

How to watch the #MandatoryCup

9th May 2020 – 4:17pm

As you know, our very first Valorant tournament, the #MandatoryCup, starts this saturday! 128 teams from across Europe will fight for a 10.000€ cash prize, starting at 6:00 PM. Everything will be live streamed on Twitch. The semi-finales and finales will takes place Sunday, May 10, and will be exclusively streamed by ZeratoR (French) and Elo Hell Esports (English).

Many players and shoutcasters are also streaming the event on Twitch, this saturday. You can follow the bracket and every channel on our dedicated webpage.


If you’re looking for casters, you can follow the channels of Lutti or Kiiperone, two speakers who shine as well with a keyboard as with a microphone.

For the English speakers, the Elo Hell Esports channel will comment on the matches in the language of Shakespeare. This is the official international cast of the competition, which will cover the entire tournament, including the final stages.

Noticeable Players' POV

As we said earlier, a lot of players will be streaming their game. We selected some that might be really interesting to follow :

Orb, player for G2 Esports, leader of team Nordic.

AzoX, one of founding players of Vitality, pro-player of Call of Duty and CS:GO.

CSGOALEX, british player and ex Vitality.

ScreaM, CS:GO veteran player with 10 years of pro-gaming.

Shaiiko, Rainbow Six Siege professional gamer for BDS Esports.

DavidP, professional CS:GO player.

Kinstaar, French Fortnite prodigy from Solary.

Djoula, ex PUBG and Overwatch professional.

ZeratoR, French streamer, player and shoutcaster. He will play until he loses, and then switch to commentary.

We hope you will enjoy the tournament and the games! You can share the best clips on Twitter with the hashtag #MandatoryCup.

Good luck, have fun!