Home Ground Red Bull

Home Ground by Red Bull, 1st tournament of 2021

29th January 2021 – 3:17pm

The Home Ground by Red Bull is the first major Valorant tournament of the year in Europe. Eight invited teams compete against each other over four days for a cash prize of €24.000.

The tournament is played in BO5, but with a particular rule. Each team must choose before each match which map will be its HG (its Home Ground). Rather than going through a series of picks and bans, the BO5 is played primarily on these Home Grounds. If a team wins on both fields, it immediately wins the match.

Follow the competition

In French on 1PValorant channel
In English on Red Bull channel

Invited teams

Among the guests, we find big names of the European server like G2 Esports or SUMN FC. There's also Futbolist, unfortunate finalist of the First Strike Turkey. FrenzyGoKill and Monkey Business , on the other hand, are quite unknown teams. It's rumoured that this last team would be the future OG Esports, an organisation sponsored by... Red Bull, which organises the tournament.



G2 Esports

Guild Esports


Monkey Business

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Team Liquid

Home Ground Results


Thirsday and Friday, from 1pm

Ninjas in Pyjamas3 – 1Futbolist
G2 Esports2 – 0FrenzyGoKill
Team Liquid2 – 0Guild Esports
SUMN FC2 – 0Monkey Business


Saturday, from 1pm

Ninjas in Pyjamas1 – 3G2 Esports
Team Liquid3 – 2SUMN FC


Sunday, from 1pm

G2 Espots3 – 2Team Liquid