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Error Code 43: how to fix the connection error of Valorant

30th April 2020 – 12:42pm

While some VALORANT players are waiting to play ranked games, others are simply waiting to play the game. We’re not talking about players who have not yet received access to the closed beta, but players unable to connect to Valorant server due to an Error 43.

Since the release of Patch 0.49, connection errors came one after another, particularly error 43. The latter prevents you from reaching the main menu of Valorant and closes the game. Before bringing us back to desktop, it invites us to restart the Riot client before launching the game again.

If you’ve encountered this error, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There’s a temporary solution to bypass the problem.

How to fix Error 43 in Valorant

When your game displays Error Code 43, press Control+Alt+Del to open the Task Manager. Find the VALORANT process. Right click on it and End task.

valorant error 43

By relaunching the game, you should be able to connect!

There’s another technique that may seem absurd, but it does work for some people.

When launching the game, press the WASD (or ZQSD) keys repeatedly when the Riot logo appears. We don’t know why, but this sometimes dodges Error 43.

If nothing works, you’ll have to wait for Riot Games to fix the error on its side.

Many players experience this issue. If you believe testimonials on forums, like those of, some manage to connected by dint of tries, but find themselves disconnected thereafter, sometimes during a game. If you used the method mentioned above, you could very well be logged out too.

Riot Games official Twitter account acknowledged that there were connection issues.

Riot Games also confirmed, for those who doubted it, that ranked games couldn’t be activated under these circumstances. In Patch Notes 0.49, Riot Games had made it clear that ranked games would only be available once servers are stabilised. We imagine that they didn’t expect problems like this.

A hotfix is planned overnight to correct some problems, error code 43 could be one of them.

Such technical problems can never be excluded during a beta. The best thing to do remains to wisely wait for Riot Games to fix things out on its side.