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Cheaters banned on Valorant

19th May 2020 – 7:42pm

Riot Games has launched a new wave of bans on Valorant. The players banned for the moment are the players found guilty of cheating by the Riot Vanguard system.

Phillip Koskinas, designer of anti-cheat systems for Riot Games, spoke on his personal account.

According to him, every played who has cheated in the past are banned, but also unable to create new accounts for an indefinite period of time. It doesn’t exclude the possibility of giving cheaters a second chance in the future.

It’s a small victory in an eternal war against cheaters. It’s a thorny and complex subject for every online multiplayer game and Valorant is no exception. When the game was first announced, Riot Games wanted to tackle it right away. Cheaters are not welcome and will be actively tracked and banned. A position reaffirmed in a post on the official website.

Riot Games doesn’t skimp on resources and developed their own software, essential to launch Valorant: Riot Vanguard. Even though it’s sometimes disparaged as an intrusive software, since it must be launched when the computer starts and remains potentially connected h24, its developers regularly try to reassure players about it. And failing to calm all the dissatisfied, they continue to explain why it’s necessary, as well as to show its results.

Where the problem becomes vicious is that the more a company brags about the impermeability of its system, the more it motivates cheaters and hackers to come and test its defenses. The latest Vanguard updates were by the bye mocked by some communities of cheaters, some of whom have been banned recently.

It’s probably the reason why Riot Games doesn’t communicate directly on bans waves on Valorant. When BlueHole and Epic Games proudly exposed large numbers of banned players on PUBG and Fortnite, this isn’t the way developers of Valorant go. Exact numbers are currently only available through Riot’s employee accounts, not in press releases. Formally exposing a number of banned players can reassure the legitimate player community for a while, but it highlights the existence of cheating on Valorant while provoking the urges of cheaters and hackers of all kind.

No system is perfect. Riot Games knows that there will always be cheating on Valorant, and that cheaters will always find a way to pester others for a while. But it’s not something that discourages their teams and they’re ready to invest as much as necessary to maintain a good playing environment.