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A dimensional rift in the training map

18th May 2020 – 4:20pm

For the past few days, Valorant players have been surprised to see the appearance ofa dimensional rift in the sky of the training map.

This gaping hole, as a portal that rips the sky, isn’t the only singularity that appeared since lightnings and a dark aura appeared around the bell tower of the map. The belfry rope, usually pink, has turned white and radiates light.

Faille dans le ciel de Valorant

In fact, you could assume that these additions are only there to add a bit of lore and context to the training map. Since there are already many gravitational aberrations there, adding a kind of black hole could justify them. The only problem here is that this strange phenomenon appeared 3 days ago. This timing is rather curious and seems arbitrary, since it means that the rift appeared without a patch. It’s therefore not only a visual update of the training map, but a planned modification by Riot Games. We’re therefore entitled to wonder why.

The reason that seems most obvious is that this rift reflects a desire to tease something. Remains to be seen what. Using Jett to get as close to the rift as possible, you can see through the top of a map. When we compare what we see through the black hole to the mini-map when using Brimstone’s Sky Smokes, the conclusion is obvious. What we see through the rift is none other thanan inverted version of the training map itself. An inversion that sticks to the “photo negative” aspect of what we seen in the rift.

Valorant Faille Map

It’s hard to draw any conclusion regarding this element alone. However, some see it as a warning sign of Ascent’s arrival. Ascent is a datamined map since the launch of the Closed Beta, inspired by Venice. If it’s true that Ascent seems to take over the architecture of the Spike training practice area, it’s not at all the area that can be seen through this portal.

It’s clearly not the first time that an online multiplayer game has added surprising visuals without warning anyone, waiting for players to notice them and question themselves. Recently, we will obviously think of the famous black hole of Fortnite at the end of Chapter 1, but Riot Games was already accustomed to the exercise for a few years on League of Legends, its Summoner’s Rift sometimes hiding secrets announcing champions.

Or it could be that it’s absolutely nothing more than a neat visual detail, and we all become paranoid for nothing. Time will tell.