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Alongside Scooby-Doo, Vera is a real mystery-solving machine. In MultiVersusShe uses her lucidity as well as her intelligence to fight crime! Her opponents should keep a low profile, or risk ending up in the hands of the police... We introduce you to the character, her characteristic assets and her style of play.



Class : Support
Type : Horizontal
Difficulty : Middle
Role in 2v2 : Hindering opponents and healing the ally

Cost: 2000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Full name : Vera Dinkley
Licence : Scooby-Doo
1st appearance : Scooby-Doo, where are you? - Night of the Knight (September 1969)

Vera's characteristic assets

Studied - MultiVersus


Vera brings up a previously recovered clue.

Knowledge is power - MultiVersus

Knowledge is power

The ally receives 3 grey lives (shields) for a few seconds after picking up a clue.

Vera does not yet have a third asset.

Vera in MultiVersus

As in the cartoon, Velma is a real head and collects clues to bring down the miscreants. Thus, one of the major strengths of this character is his passive Snoopin' skill. During the match, you and your ally will collect as many clues as possiblewhich will appear sporadically on the map. Some attacks will also allow you to generate them. When Velma accumulates enough clues, you can use the Mystery Mobile. The van focuses on the nearest enemy, in order to pick him up. While the targeted opponent may struggle to escape, this is still a very strong move. When used properly, this skill will send them straight to the bottom of the map, as the vehicle spontaneously moves out of the ring.

In a duet, Véra takes on the Support role. She will be able to heal her ally with the Motivational Coach attack, provide armour and grey health with the Bubbling Meninx skill, reduce spell cooldowns with Diffusion of Knowledge, and annoy her enemies with My Glasses, knocking them over or freezing them with the Toxic Concoction.

Rather at ease in hand-to-hand combat, Velma is also useful at a distance. Thus, in addition to her support role, she is a good fighterShe will be able to strike a series of blows to weaken her opponents. While some heroes strike with their bare hands, the detective prefers to attack villains with jokes, books or camera flashes.

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