Tom and Jerry - MultiVersus Guide

The two best enemies, Tom and Jerry continue to fight on into the MultiVersus. You might even think that they are fighting each other more than their opponents, but don't let that fool you. This dysfunctional duo is extremely strong. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic strengths and his style of play.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Class : Mage
Type : Hybrid
Difficulty : Expert
Role in 2v2 : Inflicting damage

Cost: 3000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Full name : Thomas Jasper and Gerald Jinx
Licence : Tom and Jerry
1st appearance : "Heat the glue" (1940)

Tom and Jerry's characteristic assets

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Divided Dynamite

Sending Tom's dynamite back with his racket splits it into 3 explosive sticks.

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High-flying fishing

Tom's fishing rod is not as strong, but if he hits the ground or a wall with it, he comes back on the field.

Tom and Jerry don't have a third asset yet.

Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus

Tom and Jerry are a very special character duo, based on projectiles (of which Jerry is one). Tom has several attacks that allow him to to send Jerry somewhere in the field. Once separated, the player continues to control Tom, but Jerry will remain in place until he is retrieved (or killed by an opponent).

Tom and Jerry have all the tools they need to create distance with their opponents. Whether it's laying a mouse trap on the ground, sending dynamite sticks or explosive rockets, it's hard to get close without suffering a powerful attack.

The attack at the centre of the duo is the Neutral Special which allows Tom to shoot Jerry with a slingshot. This attack has a long range, does a lot of damage and easily ejects enemies. Once Jerry has reached his destination, Tom's Neutral Special allows him to fire tennis balls at Jerry, who will fire them back at Tom. These balls do no damage unless Tom hits them again with his racket, which then makes them devastating. A good Tom and Jerry player is able to pull Jerry and return balls so quickly that the opponent has little time to react. Tom's racket is actually capable of returning all projectiles. This is particularly useful once you get the hang of it.

Isolated, Jerry is vulnerable to attack and can be killed. Jerry usually dies immediately from charged or explosive attacks. Ideally, you should go back for him quickly after firing a few bullets, so that he recovers all his hit points.

Tom's High Special allows him to tie Jerry to an explosive rocket. The player then controls the rocket as long as they hold the special attack button. The explosion can easily kill an opponent with high percentages. Jerry remains at the scene of the explosion, slingshot style. By reusing the High Special attack, Tom throws another, less powerful rocket, which will be aimed at Jerry. This is a good tool to surprise opponents with a projectile with an original trajectory.

If an opponent comes too close to Tom, this is not really a problem because the character has excellent hand-to-hand attacks. His attack combo is long and has a good range. In the air, his upward and especially downward attacks are absolutely formidable.

In 2v2, Tom can give Jerry to his ally. This makes Jerry invincible, but will require a lot more coordination to pull off the various combos and ball returns.

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