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The central figure of DC Comics, Supermanis of course present in MultiVersus. The Iron Man uses his big fists and his powers to calm the ardour of all those who oppose him. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his playing style.



Class : Tank
Type : Hybrid
Difficulty : Easy
Role in 2v2 : Collecting the damage

Cost: 2000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Other names : Kal-El, Clark Kent, the Iron Man
Licence : DC Comics
1st appearance : Action Comics #1 (1938)

Superman's characteristic assets

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Hot in front

Upon landing a jump attack, Superman ignites enemies and generates a wall of flames on the ground.

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Elite Fist

The range of Superman's targeted fist increases. The resulting damage and throw increases at long range but decreases in close combat.

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Breaking the ice

Superman deals extra damage to fighters affected by Ice. The higher the number of Ice accumulations, the greater the damage bonus.

Superman in MultiVersus

Superman is as robust in MultiVersus as he is in the comics. This tank has super-armour on the majority of his neutral attacks, making him a force of nature to be reckoned with. Since he is extremely slowInstead, it is better to let the opponents come to you before you do it. punish them with super-armour counters. Charge your attacks and release at the right moment, i.e. as soon as the opponent's attack hits you and they become vulnerable. With his big points, he puts severe blows to his enemies.

But Superman is above all the king of the skies. When he's in the air, he can fly for a moment to return to the field or fetch your opponents. He can then grab them before throwing them in the direction of his choice. This is an excellent combat option, which works even better in 2v2 by letting the ally throw the enemy into your muscular fists.

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Superman's powers also allow him to create lasers with his eyes. When used in the air, the beam hits a larger area, especially since you can move while firing. The ground hit by the beam explodes after a moment violently throwing the enemies into the air. Do this from the air and you can grab the projected enemy and attempt an elimination.

Superman's ice blast is not to be underestimated. One or two ice effects are enough to slow down enormously the opponent. However, the ice blast is especially useful for freeze all projectiles (with the exception of Jerry, who is a special case, mind you). The projectiles thus frozen can be picked up by Superman to throw them at opponents.

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