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Steven is the only known hybrid resulting from the fusion of a human and a gem. In MultiVersusHe makes life difficult for his enemies thanks to his bubbles and shields. Rather defensive, he is also capable of causing a lot of pain when needed. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets as well as his playing style.



Class : Support
Type : Horizontal
Difficulty : Middle
Role in 2v2 : Hindering opponents as much as possible

Cost: 3000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Full name : Steven Quartz Universe
Licence : Steven Universe
1st appearance : Steven Universe "Pilot (May 2013)

Steven's characteristic strengths

Green hands - MultiVersus

Green hands

Watermelon Steven grows and inflicts more and more damage as long as he remains alive.

Bouncing bubble - MultiVersus

Bouncing bubble

Opponents have their stun extended and their velocity increased after hitting wall or platform shields.

Steven does not yet have a third asset.

Steven in MultiVersus

In MultiVersus, Steven is a real supportand in the capacity of Support, he can heal his ally. The teenager can plant a fruit, which will bring your team back to life before exploding. When it disappears, the watermelon gives way to Watermelon Steven. This is a small fighter, who will join your ranks to defeat the miscreants. This is the power of this spell. His passive skill, Indestructible Link, also supports his defensive role. When you dodge, you create an armour bubble around your character, but also around your ally. This bubble can then absorb several blows, that he or you, undergo.

Steven's other key talent is its ability to pack opponents with the Studded Bubble and Child Bubble attacks. Both inflict the Rose's Eye effect. When you hit the enemy with either one, they accumulate afflictions. When the maximum is reached, you automatically enclose him in a bubble. For a few seconds, his spell kit is completely deactivated, but he becomes invulnerable. This spell could allow you to gaining the upper hand at the end of the game. When only one elimination is missing on each side, the help of all players is obviously welcome to end the match. Locking up an enemy at the right time will give you a few seconds of 2-on-1 time to make the difference.

Steven is not only useful at the end of the game, as he can hindering opponents with obstacles throughout the match. He can create a barrier gemThis skill gives you a powerful defensive tool that can prevent you from taking heavy damage. This skill provides you with a powerful defensive tool, and may prevent you from taking significant damage. You can also try to use it to push your opponents out of the ring. This way, when you play in 2v2, your ally will have a chance to get an elimination more easily. In parallel, Steven uses the power of his shield in a number of ways. As the name suggests, the Shield Wall attack allows you to protect yourself. When you charge, you can counter enemy attacks. The Platform Shield skill allows you to position a platform over your head. This can be placed from the ground or from the air. So if you are thrown upwards, this shield will save you if you activate it at the right moment. In the same way, you can use it to prevent your ally from being eliminated.

While he is not intended to be the team's bruiser, he can still defend himself, and even attack with vigour to cause eliminations. With his bubble barrages, his stinging uppercut or his crushing bubble, he will easily send opponents with high damage into the fray.

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