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Sammythe eternal coward of the Scooby-Doo series, comes to smash some fighters in MultiVersus. Always hungry, he will take advantage of his sandwiches and other snacks to defeat his opponents. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his style of play.



Class : Cogger
Type : Hybrid
Difficulty : Easy
Role in 2v2 : Eliminating opponents

Cost: 1500 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Real name : Norville Rogers
Licence : Scooby-Doo
1st appearance : Scooby-Doo, where are you? - Night of the Knight (September 1969)

Sammy's characteristic assets

Wolf hunger - MultiVersus

Wolf hunger

If Sammy has a sandwich, he can consume it to charge his rage more quickly.

Mordicus - MultiVersus


Sammy automatically becomes enraged when he reaches 100 points of damage.

Sammy does not have a third asset yet.

Sammy on MultiVersus

In the Scooby-Doo series, Sammy isn't a bad guy and tends to run away from danger; in MultiVersus, it's the opposite. As a real bruiser, he is very comfortable in hand-to-hand combatand therefore seeks to get closer to its opponents.

In 2v2, Sammy will have to inflict maximum damage. To do this, he uses his feet, his fists, and even his head if necessary. In order to take advantage of the full power of his attacks, consider using his Powerful Trample. This ability allows you to breaking the armour of the affected fighter.

In addition to being able to weaken the opposing team, Sammy has many ways of cause eliminations. When an enemy is in the air, you can try to send them out of bounds with the Lazy Air Strike or Powerful Uppercut skills. They throw the enemies upwardsIn addition to inflicting damage. Conversely, for send a character down and cause its demise, you can rely on the Reduce to Earth or Foot Flood abilities.

Striking is not Sammy's only strength. He is also an interesting support. With his Mordicus! attack, he can get angry and enrage its allies. When this is the case, they will apply a maximum of Weakened effects with their next melee attack. At the same time, he can take on the role of doctor in two ways. When he uses Mordicus! he releases a scooby-snack that cures some PVs. Sammy can also use sandwicheswith Who's Hungry, who care for the allies they cross.

These sandwiches are the third strength of the character. If they are beneficial to allies, they can also be used as ranged weaponsThey inflict damage on enemies. In addition, these tasty treats can be used to counter an enemy who is trying to get back into the ring. With the right timing, you'll get an easy elimination. In addition, when Sammy is enraged, he can create even bigger and more dangerous snacks. This can hurt or hinder your opponents even more. Be careful though, the sandwiches on the ground can be picked up by all fighters, even those who are not in your team...

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