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When he is not building extraordinary (and deadly) machines, Rick Sanchez spends most of his time wreaking havoc from dimension to dimension, taking his grandson with him Morty. It is not surprising then to see him emerge from a green gate in the middle of MultiVersus. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets as well as his playing style.


Rick Sanchez in MultiVersus

Class : Mage / Remote
Type :
Difficulty : Expert
Role in 2v2 : Ejector

Cost: 3000 golds

Added : Season 1 (28 September 2022)

Full name : Rick Sanchez, Rick C-137
Licence : Rick and Morty
1st appearance : Rick and Morty - 'Pilot' (December 2013)

Rick's characteristic strengths

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Pyrotechnics Squib

Rick's portal has a longer cooldown, but allies that pass through a portal ignite enemies with their next melee attack. Allied projectiles that pass through a portal also ignite enemies. Enemies that pass through a portal are set on fire.

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Hephaistos, who?

When Rick fully charges his whip attack, the final blow knocks the enemies towards Rick.

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Larbins of the coppice genus

Rick's Larbins deal double damage to fighters who are already in a stunned state.

Rick in MultiVersus

Rick is a resourceful mage in MultiVersus. Like his grandson, he requires you to know how to manage your recovery times. This means that even if his attacks are powerful (or very powerful), you must not use them randomly or you will be depriving yourself of your best weapons.

Before we talk about everything else, let's take a look at Rick's Special Side: its iconic portal gun. Whether in the air or on the ground, Rick can place a green portal anywhere he wants. Placed from the ground, the portal absorbs all allies and enemies thrown through it and teleports them to Rick. This is very useful for saving an ally as well as creating devastating combos if you are reactive and precise.

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Re-using the portal gun, or using it in the air, immediately teleports Rick to the target location. He then leaves behind a small portal, connected to the first one. All allied projectiles can then enter one portal and exit through the other. This is extremely useful for faking opponents.

To make the most of these portals, Rick has several different projectiles. His neutral attack allows him to spam a small, quick shot that doesn't repel, but will scrape the opponent's life bar. The shot can be charged to become a very slow and powerful projectile. The slow projectile and portals allow Rick to jump on his opponents and use the beam as a delay attack to continue a combo.

With his neutral special attack, Rick can summon a Meeseeks and give it various commands. Depending on the next direction used on the stick, the Meeseeks will attack in a different way. Meeseeks can pass through portals.

Another notable attack from Rick is his Low Special, which creates a polymorphic ball that explodes after a period of time. It allows allies in its blast zone to become boosted. They are now bigger and stronger, as are their projectiles. Rick can take advantage of this transformation. Enemies hit by the ball, however, will be transformed into a small foxhound and will not be able to attack until they become themselves again. They also receive more damage, but because of their size it is difficult to hit them.

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Finally, Rick's normal high attack allows him to use a mega-seed to silencing opponents.

As you can see, Rick has a lot of tools at his disposal, but to make matters worse, he's also a good hand-to-hand fighter. His combos require a bit of precision, but most of his attacks can be charged and have the potential to eliminate an opponent. In particular his attack on the side in the air.

To play Rick properly, it is essential to master these hand-to-hand attacks and to use the special abilities at the right time.

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