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Reindeer Dog is the only exclusive character in MultiVersus to have never appeared elsewhere than in the game. He is the mascot of the game, there to symbolize its philosophy: he is cute, made for 2v2... and fearsome. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his play style.

Reindeer Dog


Class : Support
Type : Horizontal
Difficulty : Middle
Role in 2v2 : Supporting your ally

Cost: 2000 Golds

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Licence : Multiversus
1st appearance : Multiversus

The characteristic assets of the Reindeer Dog

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The foxhound's fireball generates an even greater wall of flames when it reaches the ground.

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Crystalline friend

The foxhound crystal follows him when he falls.

Reindeer Dog does not yet have a 3rd asset.

Reindeer Dog in MultiVersus

Even though it's a cute support, don't underestimate Reindeer Dog. Although he doesn't have a variety of combos or the ability to eject his enemies in one hit, each of his attacks is capable of causing good damage and he is very good at preventing opponents from returning to the field.

Reindeer Dogs can strike with their claws, fangs or tail. Its attacks have more range than one might think, as the animal does not hesitate to throw itself forward to attack. Of all these attacks, its tails are the most powerful. They can break armour and throw opponents violently downwards. On an opponent with high percentages, throw him against the ground with a tail strike and stop attacking. Any other blow will cancel the projection and potentially prevent you from killing.

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Reindeer Dog's projectiles are his most unique and interesting moves. He can charge a variety of magic shots with different speeds and properties.

Its neutral attack charges a ball of light that bounces off surfaces. Reindeer Dog can choose the angle of the shot using the stick. The more the ball is loaded, the faster and more powerful it is. This move is formidable, especially for preventing opponents from moving up the field as they will force a dodge which you can then interrupt with a downward tail strike.

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His Low Special allows him to channel a huge fireball. The shot is bell-shaped and extremely slow. When the ball hits the ground, it leaves a column of fire behind. If an enemy catches the ball or crosses the column, he is set on fire for a few seconds.

This attack works perfectly well when it is combined with the ball of light. The slow fireball allows you to fire a light ball before the fireball disappears, so you have two large projectiles active simultaneously. You can also shoot the light ball through the fire column to increase its power. The light ball will then burn the enemies.

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But above all, Reindeer Dog is a character made for 2v2. His magic beam allows him to teleport his ally to his side at any time. Of course, you need to use it to save him from a combo or a fall. Avoid doing it at inappropriate times or your ally will hate you.

Reindeer Hound's High Ground Special regularly drops lightning, electrifying allies and shocking opponents. Electrified players inflict shock on enemies with all melee attacks. Enemies in shock take damage over time and hurt their allies every time they come across them.

Finally, the High in the Air Special turns Reindeer Dog into a ball. The ally can grab it to throw it and do a lot of damage. Once the opponent has been hit, Reindeer Dog can in turn start attacking the enemy to injure them or throw them further.

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