MultiVersus Patch Notes 1.06

If patch 1.05 was rather substantial, this new patch 1.06 is much more limited. As usual, it modifies and corrects some problems on various MultiVersus heroes. But that's not all! This patch is particularly important for the competitive future of the game. The 1.06 update brings the first version of the Ranked mode.

Ranked Alpha mode available

After months of waiting, players can finally test their skills in a real competitive mode. For the time being, the Ranked Alpha mode is available for one week, 8 to 15 November. This testing phase allows the developers to gather feedback and make the necessary corrections before the final release of the classified games.

By winning games, you earn Ranking Points in order to move up the ladder. Currently, there are 7 different levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Dimant, Master and Grand Master. Each is delimited by a minimum point threshold. The top 100 players in the world are grouped together at the Grand Master rank.

For more information on how it works, please refer to our article dedicated to ranked mode.

Ranked mode divisions in MultiVersus

By participating in this test phase, you have the opportunity to collect a free rewardthe profile image Triumphant Toast Alpha. To do so, you must win 15 ranked games by November 15.

Profile picture - Triumphant Toast Alpha

Character balancing in patch 1.06

As always, the patch changes many characters in MultiVersus. To make it easier to understand the changes, we put a different symbol to symbolize the type of change.

* = a patch
+ = a buff
= a nerve

MultiVersus Patch Notes 1.06 - mortymandatory multiversus characters portrait black adam -

Black Adam

* Bug fix : The lightning bolt generated with the High Ground attack will now appear below the roof on the Scooby House card.
* Low Ground Attack: The burst of electricity no longer attempts to direct its target,
+ Low Ground Attack : The burst of electricity checks a larger area when it decides to exit under an aerial victim or not.
+ High Ground Attack : The size of the hitbox has been increased. The attack has more slip and a better minimum range. The direction of the lightning knockback will now be the direction in which the lightning appears. Branches earlier on whiff.
+ Neutral Air Attack : The uncharged attack now triggers 4 frames earlier.
+ Special Neutral Floor : Activates faster and has a greater minimum range. Cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. The ability now has a recoil scaling on throw.
+ Special High Air/Ground : The flight now has a faster take-off and higher speed.

MultiVersus Patch Notes 1.06 - mandatory multiversus characters portrait bugs -

Bugs Bunny

+ Neutral Air Attack : Spin punch branches to most attacks earlier out of on hit attacks.

MultiVersus Patch Notes 1.06 - mandatory multiversus characters portrait jake -


- Bas Air special: The hitbox of the house and its movement now starts 5 frames later.

MultiVersus Patch Notes 1.06 - mandatory multiversus characters portrait lebron -


* Bug fix : The knockback of the ball from a close-range shot now takes the angle originally intended.
+ Neutral Air Attack : Increased size and duration of active strike frames

MultiVersus Patch Notes 1.06 - mortymandatory multiversus characters portrait tom jerry -

Tom & Jerry

* Special Neutral : Now Jerry's Neutral Special is sent at the right angle when he hits close.

The patch was deployed on Wednesday 09 November.