Marvin the Martian arrives in MultiVersus

One of the most destructive villains of the licence Looney Toons is also the most polite and intelligent of them all. We are obviously talking about Marvin the Martian. A petty and comical character, he has repeatedly tried to tear the Earth apart. Soon, this intergalactic commander will take on the arenas of MultiVersus !

Marvin the Martian soon to join MultiVersus

The second season of MultiVersus was launched with the 2.0 patch. As in the previous season, players can expect to discover new maps and of course new fighters.

If some are nice, like Bugs Bunny or Gizmoothers are more vile and malicious, for example Stripe and Black Adams. It is true that the question of whether a particular character is on the side of good or evil is sometimes open to debate.

With regard to the membership of Marvin the MartianThere is no doubt about it, he is the next newcomer in MultiVersus. He's a bad guy, and he's a good one. "Prostrate yourselves before me, inferior beings".These are his first words to you.

What capabilities does Marvin the Martian have?

A classic Looney Toons villain, Marvin is an alien from Mars. He was created to oppose Bugs Bunny and his companions, and thus bring terror to Earth. While he is known for his destructiveness, he is also famous for his calmness, politeness and Roman-style attire.

Marvin the Martian and K-9 the green dog.

At the moment, the studio Player First Games has not revealed any information about his attacks and other abilities. We can nevertheless envisage some skills or gadgets, such as we did it with Black Adams.

It is therefore very likely that this new character will be able to rely on his mythical yellow laser pistolto reduce his opponents to ashes. Presumably, he will also take advantage of the famous Illudium Pew 36 - Explosive Space Modulatorto create chaos on the battlefield and to make a series of eliminations.

In addition, Marvin is often accompanied by K-9his faithful companion visible on the picture above. This green dog is always ready to help Marvin in his evil plans. He could therefore join MultiVersus as a summoner, chasing enemies off the field.

As long as we are talking about invocations, we can also mention other creatures entitled in English Instant-Martians. They are a kind of of green birdswhich Marvin has in the cartoon. He generates them from seeds and water. In MultiVersus, these species of Martian chickens may well support him in battle, for example by charging at opponents in groups or alone, or by striking with their beaks.

In addition, it is possible that Marvin could use his spaceship of choice, the Martian MaggotThis can be done either by flying off the map or by attacking, like Bugs Bunny's rocket or Vera's Mystery Machine.

Finally, we'd like to raise one last, more comical skill that Marvin might have. In Space Jam, he was selected as a referee. Thus, thanks to his whistle, this character would be able to interrupt the fight in MultiVersus, by freezing the opponents in place for example. As a judge on the field, he could also give yellow or even red cards, causing an accumulation of malus on the affected person before inflicting damage.

As announced on TwitterThe new demonic and endearing character will be presented later today. For more information, please visit Multiversus' Twitch channel, from 18h30.