The Space Jam terrain map is available in MultiVersus

Associated with the character of LeBron James and the Space Jam Universe, the brand new map Space Jam field is already playable in MultiVersus. This futuristic basketball court with its hologram baskets and neon colours has a few surprises in store.

The MultiVersus map pool has recently been expanded. After frantic battles in the Batcave, on top of the House Tree or in the centre of the Celestial Arena, you can now crush your opponents on a basketball court. Basketball in MultiVersus means LeBron James! The new map, entitled Space Jam field is derived from the world of the pro player and the Licence associated with it.

At present, this new field is accessible in the Lab, but also in the customised parts. As mentioned in the announcement Tweet, this new playground is expected to appear in the online versus mode later on.

In all the maps that were already in the game, you can send your enemies down, up or to the sides in order to eliminate them. On the Space Jam Terrain Map, the story is a little different. You can only only make upward or sideways eliminations.

The invisible walls on both sides of the field must be broken down.

Moreover, to take advantage of the eliminations on the sides, it will first be necessary to breaking down the invisible walls that delimit the edges of the mapYou'll have to be careful once they're both broken, or you'll lose your lives. You'll have to be careful once they're both broken, or risk losing your lives.

A balloon appears on the Space Jam pitch

In addition to this particularity, this map brings other elements. As you can see, it is a basketball court. It is therefore not so surprising to see thata ball appears spontaneously at the beginning of the game. It is quite possible to catch it, and to use it as a projectileLike LeBron does. If you want to score, do it yourself, but you won't get any benefits.

Speaking of bonuses, let's come to the second point. Sure, baskets don't pay, but you can get upgrades in other ways. The terrain introduces a second aspect that is completely new to MultiVersus : power-ups appear in the centre of the map. You will be able to win a speed bonus, of force or even of jump height.

Power-Up - Speed
Speed boost
Power-Up - Strength
Strength Boost
Power-Up - Jump
Jump boost

A little tip at the end: it is possible to stand on the panels and use them to bounce your opponent. If used correctly, they can allow you to link up your moves or dodge an opponent's attack.

The map still shows experimental status and is currently being tested, so it is possible that some of these aspects will be removed by the time it goes live in competitive matches. On the other hand, power-ups could perhaps be exported to other maps in the future, if they are deemed interesting and are well received by the community.