Gizmo comes to MultiVersus on Tuesday

MultiVersus continues to expand its roster of characters. While Rick was expected to arrive to accompany Morty's exit and the start of the new season of Rick and Morty, it is not. The official Twitter account confirms the arrival of Gizmofrom Tuesday.

Gizmo is a mogwai, a small creature that is the origin of the Gremlins from the film of the same name. This big-eared ball of fur is very friendly, at least as long as you follow certain rules. It dies if it is exposed to the sun. It multiplies if it gets wet. It turns into a gremlin, a chaotic and violent monster, if you feed it after midnight.

Gizmo and Stripe, one and the same character?

We already knew that StripeWhile many points suggested that Gizmo and Stripe would be the same character and that one would transform into the other in battle, this will not be the case.

It's a classic mechanic for this type of game since Zelda was able to transform into a Sheik in Super Smash Bros Melee. In the films, Gizmo and Stripe are two very different entities.

Seeing Gizmo arrive is not that surprising, as sound files already seemed to imply his presence in some way in the game. Also, in an interview where Tony Huynh was asked about Stripe, the developer was already referring to the Gizmo character.

Gizmo will arrive on Tuesday, with the arrival of the huge patch that should rebalance most of the characters, but above all finally correct the many hitbox problems that have been present in the game since its launch.