Black Adam and arcade mode coming to MultiVersus

The DC Comics License is already well present in MultiVersus, with Superman and Wonder Woman notably. Announced mid-Augustthe superhero Black Adam will join them (very) soon. In addition to this new character, MultiVersus fans will soon be able to test their skills on the new arcade game mode.

Originally, Teth-Adam is none other than the disciple of the famous wizard Shazam. Following a tragic event, he deviates from the right path and renames himself Black Adam. He has the powers of six Egyptian deities, namely Shou, Heru, Amy, Zehuti, Atone and Méhen, which gives him superhuman strength and insane speed.

At the moment we have no information about his abilities or his status in the game. Nevertheless, we can assume that it will bea Tankin the manner of Superman.

Black Adam - MultiVersus

Concerning his powers. Lightning As the very symbol of this superhero, it is likely that it is part of his kit in one way or another. The lightning bolt can be seen in the visuals for season 1. Thanks to the power of AtenHe can manipulate and summon lightning. In game, he could throw lightning at his enemies or make a storm appear on the map, to hurt or stun them.

In addition, it obtains its Herculean strength via the power of Amun. One imagines that it will be able to strike violent blows to inflict damage on opponents.

The power of Heru gives it unprecedented speed. Black Adam could have an ability that allows him to move faster, or simply a passive that gives him a high speed of movement.

We will know more by the weekendas stated in the announcement Tweet. Our dedicated Black Adams guide will be coming soon.

The communication published on Twitter also mentions an arcade mode. The latter was already announced last August. The mode should be playable in cooperationas Tony Huynh explained during the EVO this summer.

Without further information, we can only assume that it works. It might be interesting for the players to be confronted with waves of opponents until you win the game. An infinite mode can also be envisaged, for even more fighting!