Tier list of MultiVersus in 1v1

Not all characters are equal on MultiVersusThis is why it is always useful to take a look at a tier list. Whether you're looking to climb the leaderboard or are just curious about the powerhouses, here's our ranking of the game's various characters. It is based on feedback from the developers, professional gamers and the community on Reddit.

Last update : Patch Notes 1.02

Patch 1.02 brought buffs and nerfs, but more importantly a complete overhaul of character hitboxes, which dramatically changes the way combos work. It is still difficult to assess the full implications of these changes and the meta (and therefore the tier list) may change as players become more proficient with their characters.

To explain the ranks :

  • S : The character dominates all the match-ups and has many options, whatever the situation.
  • A : The character is extremely powerful and easily gains the advantage as long as he respects his opponent (although).
  • B : The character has very solid options, but lacks either killing ability or versatility
  • C : The character struggles to gain the upper hand, due to weak combos or combos that are too difficult to place in relation to the others
  • D : The character is outclassed by all the others

MultiVersus tier list in 1v1 - mandatory multiversus tierlist 102 -

S Third party

Batman: A good Batman will allow absolutely no time out in the fight. He forces contact, and if the opponent thinks for even a second about walking away, Batman punishes him with a Batarang blow forcing an awkward dodge that opens up new opportunities for the Dark Knight. Add to this a number of options for killing, and you have the ultimate hand-to-hand combatant.

Harley Quinn : By losing the assassin's malus, Harley has become a powerful fighter without the frailty that goes with it. The near-infinite combos make her an extremely formidable character. If she hits with her Neutral Side or Air Side, she can easily increase an opponent's damage from 0 to 60. All she has to do is use her big hammer, her bat and her explosives to finish off her enemies. Her only real weakness is that she can only kill by throwing the opponent upwards, which is not easy on some maps.

Sammy : Like Batman, Sammy is a fighter who can throw ultra-powerful and fast punches without much risk of being punished. He also has the super-armour on many of his options. His ranged abilities, however, are much more limited, as is his mobility. Nevertheless, he is extremely strong.

A Third party

Jake, the dog : The range, power and adjustable timing of his charge shots make Jake extremely difficult to approach. The Special High and Special Low combo, two already very powerful moves separately, grants Jake a kind of immunity that is very difficult to overcome. He will get punished by a good projectile player (still), but he dominates short and mid-range fighters.

Bugs Bunny : Bugs is as strong in close combat as he is with his many projectiles. He can completely take over the field and create no-go zones, just as he can finish off with a very quick and powerful hammer or bat. The nerves on these two weapons have impacted on his power, however.

Wonder Woman : Excellent combos, a multi-functional ranged option, armour and a strong resistance to ejections make Wonder Woman an extremely competent and fun fighter to play. Only, she has no serious option to confirm her kills. Expect to put enemies well above 150% before killing them.

Arya Stark : Successive buffs and especially the removal of the Assassin's passive has propelled Arya very high up the rankings. She is fast, can easily create devastating combos and kill if she manages to initiate a combo. However, she has no options against ranged fighters who can just run away from her.

Morty : Morty has become a more than respectable fighter, with many options. His frontal attacks hurt like hell and easily deliver ejecting combos. Players have also begun to appreciate the full potential of his grenades, especially with the right assets. He becomes very easy to approach and eliminate.

Tom & Jerry : The modifications to the hitboxes and a few minor niggles were enough to make the animal duo look less than great. The modifications to the projectiles also make Jerry more vulnerable. Tom & Jerry are still extremely good at controlling the terrain.

Finn, the Human : Since Finn has lost power on his backpack and generates less coin, he has become much more complicated to play. His ground game is extremely solid due to his sword range and ease of ejection, but he can only rely on his teleports against a character who prefers to play from a distance or in the air.

B Third party

Taz : He was at the top of the rankings in the beta, then last in the 1.00 patch; now Taz has finally found his middle ground. His attacks still suffer from a range deficit, but they have gained in power and efficiency. But above all, Taz is an excellent counter pick against many meta characters, especially thanks to his ability to swallow projectiles.

Superman: The child of Krypton hits very hard and takes full advantage of his super-armour. He was at the top of the food chain when the game launched, but most players are now used to his move-set and easily counter him due to his slow pace, even in the air. He does, however, make short work of characters without armour-breakers.

Steven Universe : Despite his short range, Steven now has some pretty interesting combos by bouncing opponents off his shields. That said, keep in mind that this is a character more designed for multiplayer support than single player: Steven is clearly not the most 1v1 capable character. However, with his melon companion, he can force some pretty good 2v1s.

Foxhound : The MultiVersus mascot has gained in potency and takes full advantage of the new hitboxes. Powerful body-to-body attacks, projectiles that do damage or allow you to take over the field. If you manage to throw an enemy with an attack, you should have time to load up on projectiles and give your opponent no respite.

Gizmo : Like Steven and Foxhound, Gizmo is a decent single player character, but mostly designed for multiplayer. His bow, his little car and his rodeo attacks can really annoy opponents, but the rest of the moveset is too situational to make Gizmo the king of 1v1.

C Third party

Garnet : Garnet's only advantage is her colossal strength, but the short range of her attacks and her slowness make it difficult for her to keep a grip on her opponents. It is very easy to dodge her and abuse her weaknesses. On the other hand, when she hits, it's no joke.

LeBron James: The legendary basketball player has a devastating finish, and that's about it. Most of his combos have strange trajectories that the opponent can escape from, and these combos are absolutely non-existent once he loses the ball. The ball throw will not impress even the most seasoned MultiVersus players, unless you use them to protect the edges of the pitch, which requires precision that is hard to achieve.

Vera : Through modification and nerves, poor Vera goes from secretly OP pick to the back of the picture. Her projectiles are no longer as scary, nor is her truck. Lacking other offensive options, she struggles to compete with everyone else.

D Third party

The Iron Giant : By dint of nerfing him so that he can no longer kill in a single combo, the Iron Giant has become a real punching bag that will have difficulty hitting a seasoned opponent. He is therefore completely penalized by his large size and low speed, without any real compensation.