The basics of MultiVersus

Multiversus is a Super Smash Bros style fighting game that brings together iconic heroes from several Warner Bros licenses for fast, exciting and chaotic battles in multiplayer. With a diverse rosterIncluding Batman, Black Adam and Rick and Morty, Multiversus offers an interesting gameplay experience that will appeal to both fighting game fans and Warner Bros. universe aficionados. In this article, we will review the basics of the gameplay and combat mechanics, the different classes and maps available, and the asset customisation system.

Multiversus is a fighting game

The concept of MultiVersus is relatively simple. Controlling their fighter, players battle each other with various skills and moves in an arena and attempt to eliminate their opponent. Generally speaking, there are no objects that appear on the map, except for those generated by the skills of certain characters. The game features several game modesThese include 1-on-1, 2-on-2 and, for even more chaotic battles, Free For All battles with four players.

The aim is to inflict damage on the otherThis can be used to increase a percentage and eject your opponent out of the field. Initially 0, it can reach high values, above 150% in some situations. The increase depends on the attack received and your character's ability to withstand it.

The percentage increases when you are attacked - MultiVersus

It is extremely important to keep it as low as possible, as it determines how far a character is moved when hit. The higher your percentage, the greater the risk of eliminationThis is because you are more likely to be ejected out of the limit. However, just because you have a low percentage does not mean you cannot be eliminated. If the opponent catches you, he may very well succeed in sending you to the back of the line.

Above, we mention a system of eliminations. Here is what you need to know about it. Whether you play as a team or solo, you own lives. Solo, you have two lives. In 2 vs 2, your team has four lives... but which are shared! In both cases, when you are ejected out of bounds, you reappear after a few seconds. The first player or team to be eliminated

Different character classes

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While in Super Smash Bros Ultimate you play as iconic Nintendo characters, in MultiVersus you take control of of Warner Bros. licensed characters. From Arya Stark to the Iron Giant, from Harley Quinn to Marvin the Martian, the range is wide and diverse. In total, the game offers 23 different characters. You can find the complete list on our page dedicated to the MultiVersus characters.

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In addition to being different in appearance and history, the characters also differ in class. Obviously, there is not one class per character, but you can choose between five different classes: Assassin, Support, Cogger, Mage/Range and Tank. Different classes have different roles. For example, Cogneurs are there to raise percentages, while Assassins are expected to finish off enemies. Support characters can be a bit more complicated to learn if you want to play 1-on-1; their abilities are more geared towards two-man combat.

In addition to this specialisation, there is another feature, namely fighting style. It is expressed in the following terms Hybrid, Vertical and Horizontal. To be more precise, it is the way of making eliminations in which the character is more comfortable. Therefore, a character rated Vertical, has skills that will allow him/her to more easily make upward or downward eliminations.


To become a very good MultiVersus player, you obviously cannot play the whole roster. On the contrary, it is better to to choose one or two, or even three at the most. Test them all in the Lab to get an idea of their attacks and to see if they suit you. This is all the more necessary as most characters must be unlocked with Golds. Visit our guide to getting Gold fast to find out more about it.

You might wonder what the point of restricting yourself to a small number of characters is, but it is real. By concentrating on one or two characters, you'll take more time to understand how they work, their attacks, their combos, their dodging... In short, you will become an expert on theseThe more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to win your matches.

While it is essential to specialise, it is equally important to important to face the other characters available - use the Lab - to learn about their attacks and develop the best strategies to counter them and follow up with your own. It's time consuming, but it's worth it.

Different arenas, different elimination possibilities!

If you want to become a recognized fighter on MultiVersus, you will need to know the maps on the fingertips. In total, there are 8 of themSome of them are available in several versions. The important thing to understand is that all have elements you can interact with. As soon as you know which element can disappear or be useful, you already have a better chance of winning the game than an opponent who does not know.

The MultiVersus cards

This gives you the opportunity to destroy pieces of card or use them to your advantageYou can also use them to bounce your character or your opponent on them, or to catch yourself in case of a fall. Don't hesitate to use the Lab to practice and discover all their subtleties. For example, the arena Throne Room varies during the course of the game, creating large areas of emptiness and making whole sections of wall disappear and appear. In contrast, the Space Jam site does not offer any way to make downward eliminations, and you will have to destroy the invisible walls placed on the sides first to make ejections from the right or left.

MultiVersus Throne Room - Modified

A customisation system

To a certain extent, MultiVersus allows you to customise your character. We are not talking about cosmetics here, but about skills. Let's get one thing straight, a character X will always have the same attacks. Nevertheless, it is possible to customise your character, you can choose assets that are more in keeping with your style of play. There are two categories of assets These are the characteristic assets, specific to a character, and the secondary assets, which all characters can acquire.

R-33 Heat-Seekers - Marvin the Martian

Characteristic assets There are two or three of them, depending on the character chosen. They come modify character mechanics. For example, by choosing Trump R-33 Heat Seakers of Marvin the Martian, your saucer will fire several missiles instead of one big rocket. The trump card Hot in front The Superman's jump attack reinforces his landing, as it ignites enemies and generates a wall of flames on the ground. It's important to understand that you won't have access to this right away. You must play matches with a characterThese characteristic assets are used to gain levels of mastery. These characteristic assets are Tier 8, 10 and 12 awards (if there is a third).

Secondary assets should also be unlocked as you play with a character. However, there is nothing unique about them, since once unlocked, other characters can use them. While the characteristic assets mainly affect the functioning of your character, the secondary assets do, benefit your entire team. If you play solo, you will still get the bonuses shown. In team play, they are particularly interesting since they are cumulative. If the chosen trump gives 5% of extra damage to your team, it will give 10% if you and your ally choose it.

These assets are grouped into three categories, namely assets for attack, assets for defence and assets for utility. The former will essentially allow for more damage to be done, such as Death shot which offers 5% of extra damage with projectiles. The following offer you more protection in different ways. Stronger than ever gives 5s of armour after a respawn while Son of Krypton reduces the damage done by 4%. The latter are more varied, they can modify your damage, your movement speed or your ability to jump. For example, Triple Jump grants an extra jump after hitting an enemy in the air.

Examples of assets available in MultiVersus.

Before the start of a match, you can see the characteristic and secondary assets chosen by your opponent(s), which already allows you to anticipate a little on how to fight. Moreover, it saves you from having to go and read all the trumps beforehand, even if it's not such a bad idea.

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