The ranked mode is available in MultiVersus

Earlier this week, we told you about the imminent arrival of the ranked games in MultiVersus. Officialised last August, this competitive game mode was eagerly awaited by players around the world. The wait is now over: the ranked are now available! Will you be able to climb the ladder to the rank of Grand Master?

If you've been plying the MultiVersus battlefields for any length of time, it's time to show off your skills to players around the world! With patch 1.06The ranked parts are finally appearing.

This new ranked mode is still in its infancy. As the developers have stated on TwitterIt is even an Alpha version. In reality, the ranked games are only available for a limited period of one week: 8 to 15 November.

This testing phase provides a good way for developers to collect as much feedback as possibleto improve the ranked mode before its final release. You can participate to its improvement by giving your feedback on the dedicated Warner Bros. website.

How does it work? The ranked mode offers to compete against other people 1-on-1 or 2-on-2. Each classified match is played in two winning sets. Initially, when you start your first fights, you will be competing against players who have similar profile MMRs or character mastery levels to you.

As you play and win games, you will get Ranking Points (RP)You will need a minimum number of points to reach each one. In total, there are 7 different ranks: you will need a minimum of points to reach each one. In addition, these ranks are made up of 3 to 5 divisionsWith the exception of the last two, which include the best players in the world.

The tiers of the MultiVersus ranked mode have divisions.

Here is the complete list of ranked mode levels:

  • Bronze : 3 divisions - Minimum threshold: 100 PoC,
  • Silver : 3 divisions - Minimum threshold: 400 PdC,
  • Gold : 5 divisions - Minimum threshold: 700 PdC,
  • Platinum : 5 divisions - Minimum threshold: 1200 PdC,
  • Diamond : 5 divisions - Minimum threshold: 1700 PdC,
  • Master - Minimum threshold: 2200 PdC
  • Grand Master - TOP100 global.

It is important to note that for Masters and Grandmasters, MMR will decrease if they remain inactive for 3 consecutive days. This means that they do not participate in any classified game. The loss will be 60 points per dayThis is until the minimum threshold for the Master rank is reached, set at 2200 PdC.

Ranked mode divisions in MultiVersus

Also, cosmetics and icons enthusiasts will be happy to know that there is a prize to be won during this week of testing. To get your hands on the profile image 'Triumphant Toast Alphayou will need win 15 ranked games. Don't wait any longer and get ready to fight!