Earning gold quickly in MultiVersus

In MultiVersus, there are two different currenciesincluding gold. Whether you're just starting out or have a few fights under your belt, you're probably looking to earn more coins. In this guide we explain how to use them, but also how to get them easily.

What are gold coins for?

In MultiVersus it is important to acquire gold, but what for? This virtual currency can be used in several ways, the main one being the purchase of new heroes. Their cost varies. For some, you only have to pay 1500 piecesothers cost much more and require you to invest 3000 pieces.

You need gold to buy heroes.

You can choose to unlock the heroes one after the other, or you can decide to focus on one or two of them. In order to make your favourite characters more and more effective, you need to create the perfect builds with the various assets. To choose the ones you want, you have to train them. Each Trump training requires 100 gold.

Training assets costs gold.

Currently, no skins can be acquired with gold. You either have to buy them with the game's other currency, Gleamium, or complete certain levels of the Battle Pass.

How to get gold easily?

While Gleamium can be bought with real money, gold coins cannot, but fortunately, between the fights and the various passes, there are other methods to get them.

Make fights

The easiest way to collect gold in MultiVersus is to fight. You earn gold at the end of each fightIt doesn't matter if you win or not. The difference is that if you win, you will receive more. The total received will be even greater if it is your first win of the day. In this case, you will win anyway 100 gold. Also, the more matches you make in succession, the more coins you will get. Knowing that it is possible to earn gold even when fighting bots, you can do some farming sessions to replenish your coffers.

Every fight offers gold.

We strongly advise you to find a fellow fighter, as the game greatly rewards players who team up and play together. Indeed, playing with a friend gives you a bonus of +30% gold for each matchThis is in addition to the +30% XP bonus.

On the other hand, if you are a good player, or at least a good teammate or opponent, you can receive Toast at the end of the fight. Each Toast you get earns you 25 gold coins. Think about it, and be the teammate of your dreams.

Gain experience!

How can you turn experience into gold? The answer is quite simple. As you play, you accumulate experience points, which allow you to Advance your player profile. With each new level, you will get 100 gold. If you are a beginner, this is a good way to go, as the levels are quite easy to follow.

Gain experience to get gold.

It is also possible to pick up some coins by playing regularly with the same character. If you use Sammy, for example, you will gain combat experience. This is used to raise the hero's levels. The game offers you 100 gold coins on the fifth levelNot enough to recoup the purchase cost, but still good to take if you need money. This process works with all warriors in the game.

Finally, the experience gained also allows you to mount the Combat Pass. However, in its free versionIn addition, the game offers gold to the most daring players, who reach different levels. For example, with the Season 1 Pass, players could accumulate a total of 1500 gold. Gold is only available in the non-paying version, as the Premium Pass offers other rewards at the relevant tiers.

Earn gold with the combat pass.

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