What is the purpose of Toasts in MultiVersus?

You are starting out MultiVersusAnd you're wondering what the Toast is for? Are you already familiar with the game, but are you looking for a way to get more of those sacred slices of bread? In both cases, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about Toast.

Why send Toasts?

In MultiVersus, it is not possible to write messages to congratulate your ally, or to thank your opponents for the good time you had together. This is an effective method to avoid slippage and toxicity in the game. However, there is a way toexpress your contentment Toast!

At the end of each fight, you can tell the player that you enjoyed his gameplay or his attitude, for example, by offering him a Toast. In short, the Toast is a form of 'GG. In addition, each piece of bread gives 25 gold coins to the person who receives it. Be an example, and you may become rich!

To perform this action, simply click on the "Give a Toast" buttonvisible above the name of the player in question. Note that you can only send one per player in each matchYou can give a Toast to the same person in another fight. You can also send a Toast back via the notification that appears when someone has congratulated you.

You can send a Toast after a fight.

On the same screen, you can see your Toast balance on the top right. When you are not in combat, you can access your quantity via the Collection tab, from the main menu. Here again, the number of Toasts available is displayed at the top of your screen. If you run out, don't panic, we'll explain how to get some back.

How to get Toast?

Toast is a scarce commodity in MultiVersus, so be careful not to spend all your slices of bread too quickly. To replenish your stock, you can simply finish the tutorial and log in to the game every day. In both cases, you will receive 5 Toasts. In addition to these two methods, there are three other ways to accumulate Toast.

Mount the characters

The game grants you 5 Toasts every time you ride a character up to level 3. It is therefore worthwhile to unlock them all. Not only will you get more Toast, but you will also learn, a minimumYou will learn how each of the game's heroes works. You will be stronger during your future battles, and you will easily receive a Toast or two.

Get Toast by raising a level 3 character.

Reach Combat Pass levels

You also have the opportunity to earn bread with the Combat PassThe total number received, and the number of rewarding levels depends on the access level. In the free versionThere are 5 tiers offering 5 Toasts, while in the Premium versionThere are 8 bearings to 10 Toasts.

Get Toast in the Battle Pass.

Spend gold

Your stock is empty, but you have a burning desire to congratulate your allies or your opponents... So what to do in this case? First of all, use the previous methods. If you already have all the characters at level 3 and you have completed the Battle Pass, don't worry, there is still a solution. You can buy Toast with your gold coins. To do this, go to the Collection tab from the main menu and click on the Toast icon at the top right of the screen. The game offers you to spend 350 gold to get 10 slices.

Spend 350 gold to get 10 Toast.

If you have coins to spend, treat yourself! We still advise you not to empty your wallet. With future character additions, you'll need those coins...

What is the purpose of Toasts in MultiVersus? - mandatory multiversus meta -

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