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The grandson of the famous Rick Sanchez seems harmless, but think again, Morty is formidable in MultiVersus. With the help of laser snakes, his suppressed feelings or the dimensional teleporter, he will make life hard for his opponents. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his style of play.



Class : Cogger
Type : Horizontal
Difficulty : Expert
Role in 2v2 : Eliminating opponents

Cost: 3000 Gold

Added : Season 1 (23 August 2022)

Full name : Morty Smith
Licence : Rick and Morty
1st appearance : "Pilot" (December 2013)

Morty's characteristic strengths

I am more than just a hammer - MultiVersus

I am more than just a hammer

When Morty summons Morty Hammerhead, Morty spins around like a top, striking several times around him.

Oh it's still a grenade - MultiVersus

Oh it's still a grenade

The blast radius of Morty's grenades is increased according to their blast duration. Grenades thrown by allies always have the maximum explosion radius.

Fleeb Extra Juice - MultiVersus

Fleeb juice extra

Morty's plumbus cleans the floor impeccably.

Morty in MultiVersus

If you have the image of Morty the weakling in your mind, think again! In MultiVersus, he's a real fighter, he's even officially a CogneurEven though he could very well be seen as a Magus. And as such, the young man appreciates hand-to-hand combat. In duets, as well as in solo, he will have to do maximum damage to opponents. Morty has all the right tools to do this. When he unleashes his Repressed Anger, the teenager is a punching machine. Your opponents will suffer in torment if you can string together the combo correctly and deliver a fatal hammer blow.

Speaking of fate, when it comes to give the coup de grâceMorty has many skills at his disposal. Using the firepower of his elemental ring, you can easily send an enemy into the upper limit of the map. If that wasn't enough, you can at least set them on fire, which will weaken them a bit and finish them off later. On the other hand, if you want to eliminate an opponent from the bottom of the map, you can count on Armothy's assault. His left biceps will prove very effective.

Morty hits hard, that's a fact, but he can also intervene to hindering opponents or protecting an ally. With his Earth Power attack, Rick's grandson is able to generate a pillar
which rises before him
. The latter can perfectly counter a heavy attack, if positioned in time. In addition, it takes advantage of the immeasurable power of the Plumbus to weaken the opposing fighters, while purifying its allies.

What would Morty be without a teleporter gun? From the air, the hero enjoys the space travel. It can thus show a portal in front of him and you can decide to move anywhere on the map you like. With good timing, this will allow you to escape from a dangerous situation or to reach an enemy already displaying high damage. Escape will be made even easier, as you will receive armour as soon as the portal is generated. In addition to space travel, Morty can travel through time ! Thanks to its Temporal Back-up skill, you can create a backup point at a given position. This gives you a short period of time to perform several actions, before returning to that location automatically. You also have the option of triggering the return at the desired time. If you manage to place this save point behind the enemies' backsYou can easily surprise them.

In addition, several of the hero's abilities use grenades. These are exploding for inflict damagebut when they are inactive, they can also provide grey health to your ally. With such a complete kit, Morty is a perfect duo!

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