LeBron - MultiVersus Guide

He defended the Server-verse with Bugs Bunny and is considered one of the best teammates, LeBron arrives in the MultiVersus. Between deadly dunks, fiery balls and decisive passes, it's a hell of a fight! We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his style of play.


LeBron James

Class : Cogger
Type : Hydride
Difficulty : Middle
Role in 2v2 : Eliminating opponents

Cost: 2000 Gold

Added : Beta (26 July 2022)

Full name : LeBron James
Iconic film: Space Jam: New Era (2021)
1st appearance : 30 December 1984

LeBron's characteristic strengths

The three points! - MultiVersus

The three points

When LeBron and his allies hit enemies with a basketball from afar, it explodes and inflicts damage and splashes on all nearby opponents.

Vital Possession - MultiVersus

Vital possession

When LeBron and his allies receive a pass, they get grey health for a few seconds.

Burning Hands - MultiVersus

Burning hands

When LeBron makes a blind pass to his ally, the ball bursts into flames. When LeBron dunks a flaming ball, it ignites all enemies that have taken damage, and creates a wall of fire on the floor.

LeBron in MultiVersus

As effective on the floor as on the MultiVersus rings, LeBron James is a ball specialist. This Cogneur will take advantage of the orange balls to fight the miscreants. With this in mind, when he runs out, LeBron regains a new ball whenever he hits an enemy with one of his attacks, and can even summon one via his Basket! skill.

Speaking of attacking, LeBron is equally at ease in hand-to-hand combat and at a distanceThis is particularly true of the basket attack. This is especially true with the Basket! attack, which gives you the ability to aim before you throw your ball at an enemy. You can also hit more distant targets with its Jump Madness attack. While this skill is more offensive, it can also take on a defensive role if required. Used from the air, it gives you an upward boost; if you are on the verge of falling off the map, you may be able to get back into the ring. in extremis.

Another way to defend yourself with LeBron James involves the use of the attack Refused!but... without a balloon. This is an important point, because in this configuration, it allows you to create a barrier that blocks projectiles. If you succeed, not only will you and/or your ally not take any damage, but you will also receive a new ball. It may then be worthwhile to follow up with another attack, such as Balloon to the Floor or Shoulder Kick to surprise your enemies.

Team play is important in MultiVersus. When you play LeBron this is especially true, as many of his attacks have variations when your ally makes a pass or a shot. For example, his L-Train ability allows you to dunk on an opponent. But it is more effective when your ally has managed to make a touch with the ball. In this case, you can teleport on the ball, to make a smash without delay and even more powerful.

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