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Jake the Dog is an intrepid adventurer who has long roamed the Lands of Ooo with his best friend Finn. In MultiVersusIn this game, he comes to deal some blows to the local villains, and takes advantage of his ironclad elasticity to defeat them. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his style of play.



Class : Cogger
Type : Hybrid
Difficulty : Middle
Role in 2v2 : Eliminating opponents

Cost: 2000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Civil Status : Married to Miss Rainicorn
Licence : Adventure Time
1st appearance : "Adventure Time (January 2007)

Jake's characteristic assets

Stay flexible, man - MultiVersus

Stay flexible, man

Jake's House skill allows him to bounce in the air after hitting the ground.

Tights - MultiVersus


Enemies that hit Jake while he is stretching will suffer a brief stun. This makes them easier to hit with his butt.

Jake does not have a third asset yet.

Jake in MultiVersus

Between elasticity and metamorphosis, Jake is a nice Cogneur to play. While he may not be the most effective hero at ejecting opponents, he does have some skills to deliver the killing blow.

On the other hand, it is probably one of the most effective for striking and annoying the enemy. For example, you can chain Totally Spicy! and Beware of the Axe to inflict damage, and then finish with a loaded elastic punch. Try to move away from your opponent, so that you are at the perfect distance; if you do, he will suffer a perfect hit. This skill is particularly interesting for preventing opponents from coming back into the ring, as you can choose the direction of the attack.

Speaking of extension, its other major asset is none other than Stretch. With this skill, you send Jake's head upwards, while his lower body remains in place, creating a kind of body barrier. The advantage of this skill is that when an opponent comes into contact with your body, they are thrown to the side. When you return to normal, if you touch them again, they will suffer damage. It will be all the more effective when you have unlocked the characteristic asset Tights. Enemies hit during the stretch will be stunned. Your ally can then take advantage of this to weaken them and inflict damage. However, beware of your head: it is your only vulnerable point during this stretch.

As mentioned above, Jake can change shape. Via his Au Galop! ability, he can change on horseback and run in one direction. Since his back becomes a platform for your ally, you can try to save him from a critical situation, or even go for him in the void and avoid his elimination. The other metamorphosis is the Heavy Dude skill. With this one, you transform yourself into a heavy objectThis is a great way to get a knockout, before falling violently on top of the enemies. If you manage to place this attack over an enemy, who is having difficulty getting back into the ring, you should get a knockout without too much difficulty.

In addition to his other offensive attacks, Jake has a rather defensive attack, namely Stomach of steel. You will be able to use it as well on your comrade of combat, as on the opposing players. To put it simply, you devour nearby fighters, before spitting them out. In your belly, the skills of the taken players are deactivated. In case you have gobbled up an ally, to save him from a heavy attack for example, he will be able to come out of his own free will. He will also get armour. Enemies, on the other hand, are not so lucky and are totally at your mercy. You can move them around the map as you wish, and try to send them into the void. If you coordinate with your ally, chances are that your opponent will not make it, especially as he will have accumulated a maximum of weakened effects. Nevertheless, be careful when you expel him: by aiming a projectile, he could hamper your teammate.

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