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Can you hear it, that sweet Song of the Mogwai? It can only mean one thing... Gizmo is not far away! A protector of the innocent, he has already saved Kingtson Falls and prevented the Clamp Center disaster. Now, this intrepid (and cute) warrior is ready to shoot his arrows to keep the peace in MultiVersus. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets as well as his playing style.


Gizmo - MultiVersus

Class : Support
Type : Hybrid
Difficulty : Middle
Role in 2v2 : Annoying opponents and setting the mood

Cost: 2000 Gold

Added : Season 1 (8 September 2022)

Favourite weapon : The bow and arrow
1st appearance : "Gremlins" (1984)

Gizmo's characteristic assets

Let the music take you away - MultiVersus

Let yourself be carried away by the music

If Gizmo piles music on an enemy, instead of silencing him, he will make him dance.

Power Embrace - MultiVersus

Embrace of power

When used by an ally, Gizmo's charged attacks charge much faster.

Bounce, bounce, boom!

Bounce, bounce, boom!

With Gizmo's special air attack, he can bounce off his popcorn and toy, and end up blowing them up immediately.

Gizmo in MultiVersus

This plush-looking creature is a support hero. He is more interesting in 2 vs 2 than in 1 vs 1. In the latter situation, his skills are a bit limited, but they are extremely effective when playing with another player.

This fighter has several interesting abilities, including Hunter's bow, Pop pop pop! and Mogwai's song. The first one allows you to shoot flaming arrows, if you charge them. With the second, you can send popcorn into the air. The last one generates projectile music notes, which inflict damage and malus on enemies. Although they can be used alone, these attacks are much more devastating when combined. We recommend releasing the Popcorn, sending your Notes into the candy, then exploding the whole thing with a flaming arrow. This combo is a bit tedious to place, but well worth the effort. To avoid wasting all your hard work setting up with a rough arrow, remember that it is possible to cancel the shot and place the ammunition on your back. It will then be more interesting to take the arrow back into your hand, when you see that it will hit.

Speaking of backs, the Gizmo-à-go-go attack is also very practical. Thanks to this spell, you have the possibility to attach yourself to the back of your ally like a backpack. Thus positioned, you can carry out your attacks with complete peace of mind. Indeed, in bag qualityYou can't be targeted directly... which protects you. However, you will still take some of your ally's damage; after all, you are the team's support! In addition to reducing his damage, you will purify him of all his malus. Furthermore, you can protect him from sandwiches and other projectiles with your umbrella and grant him buffs via your melody. In short, you can prevent him from dying, especially at the end of the game.

If you are looking to save your own life with this attack, be prepared. The associated cooldown can be very limiting and restrictive, especially if the opposing team is one elimination away from victory. In the event that you are in urgent need of protection from projectiles, call upon your toy chest, it will protect you as it should. In addition, you will be able to make a few stunts on your opponents. surviving the ejection with your umbrella. Like Mary Poppins, you can float through the air and back into the ring, if you do it right.

Gizmo is a support character, but he can still deal damage. To do this, don't hesitate to sending your car at full speed into your enemiesbefore blowing it up. In close combat, you can use the 3-step Mogwai combo to hurt the miscreants.

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