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Superman fan, The Iron Giant is a valiant fighter who is sworn to protect the innocent. After securing the shores of Rockwell, the Iron Giant comes to stop the thugs in MultiVersus. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets as well as his playing style.

Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

Class : Tank
Type : Hybrid
Difficulty : High
Role in 2v2 : Take the other side's hits

Cost: 3000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Home planet : Possibly Mars
1st appearance : "The Iron Giant (August 1999)

The characteristic strengths of the Iron Giant

Afterburner - MultiVersus


When the Iron Giant's rocket boots ignite the ground, they leave behind walls of flame.

In a bad mood - MultiVersus

In a bad mood

When the Iron Giant appears, its rage gauge is already partially filled.

Electrostatic discharge - MultiVersus

Electrostatic discharge

The Iron Giant's passive skill gives him an accumulation of Healed per grey health source.

The Iron Giant in MultiVersus

The Iron Giant is not the easiest hero to play, but he is very interesting. Unlike most characters, this Tank does not have a double jump. Instead, he is equipped with rockets, on the feet, which consume fuel. This passive will probably save you many times, but can also be fatal if you don't pay attention to your fuel gauge. Also, these boots allow you to attack. Via the air skill Blast Beam, you shoot flames downwards to ignite the ground and hurt your opponents. With the Flame Barrage attack, you land several blows in a row, spinning your legs. Be careful, here again the quantity of fuel is to be watched!

This metal being has several interesting abilities, such as Screw Friends/Hyperstatic Jump. This one works thanks to screws, acquired via certain attacks or by transforming any object recovered on the map. Once activated, this skill causes a maximum of five screws to appear around the Giant. Each one acts as a shield for you and your ally. This attack is therefore particularly interesting when one of you becomes a priority target. It is particularly interesting when one of you becomes a priority target and when the opposing team is looking for their last kill.

In addition, and to take full advantage of this character, you will need to use his ability to rage and transform. The rage bar fills up automatically when you or your ally take damage. When the Iron Giant changes form, he gains grey life and many of his attacks are modified. In this state, part of its body can be controlled by your ally: it can then take control of lasers to maximise the damage caused by your transformation.
If you are playing with a friend, think about it, as this metamorphosis is not indefinite.

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