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Garnet has sworn to protect the Earth from all invaders, and when she has the time, she comes to rid MultiVersus of all the scoundrels that roam around. This heroine fights with rocket points, shock waves and other projectiles. Get ready, it's going to swing! We introduce you to the character, her characteristic assets and her play style.



Class : Cogger
Type : Horizontal
Difficulty : Normal
Role in 2v2 : Eliminating opponents

Cost: 1500 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Status : Chief of the Crystal Gems
Licence : Steven Universe
1st appearance : Episode "Pilot" (May 2013)

The characteristic assets of Garnet

Benchmark - MultiVersus


Garnet's rocket gauntlets will cause his marker to appear in their location when destroyed. The marker will not appear if it is on cooldown.

Electric groove - MultiVersus

Electric groove

When Garnet or his ally places an enemy in a state of shock, you receive accumulations of Garnet's Rhythm.

Garnet does not yet have a third asset.

Garnet in MultiVersus

Double jab, Electrifying blow, Meteor punch or Striking gauntlet... you'll have understood, Garnet is a Knockout ready for battle. Whether you're playing solo or as part of a team, you can rely on powerful attacks to hurt your opponents.

The Chief of the Crystal Gems is equally at ease in hand-to-hand combat and at a distance. For example, through the Crystal Combo, you can weaken your enemies, before delivering a quick uppercut or a volley of downward blows. Try to place this combo at the edge of the ring. This way, if your enemy is thrown out, you can try to finish them off by sending them off the low end.

In the same vein, if an opponent is already above the void, you can use the power of the Meteor Punch to attempt elimination. If you are too far away at the moment, think of the rocket fistsThey will allow you to hit your target, even from a distance. However, if you attack from the ground, you will have more range than with the aerial version.

The warrior also hasShock-inflicting attacksThe first creates a shockwave that sweeps across the floor. The first creates a shockwave that sweeps across the ground, potentially allowing you to hit both opponents at once. The other sends out an electric shock, which leaves a dangerous area for your enemies after it explodes. This malus is particularly strong, since affected enemies suffer continuous damageBut they also hurt their own ally if they come into contact.

Grenat knows how to fight, that is an undeniable fact, but it can also protect its ally. With her Stronger Than Thou ability, she sings to create a protective barrier, capable of stopping projectiles, and more importantly, returning them. She will also be able to support her comrade with the Gem Sprint, cancelling his stun and resetting his aerial options, or increasing his damage via her Love Spark.

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