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Fearless warrior from the Land of Ooo, Finn the human is now offering its services to Multiversus. Thanks to his backpack and powerful sword strokes, he will easily knock out his opponents! We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his style of play.



Class : Assassin
Type : Horizontal
Difficulty : Easy
Role in 2v2 : Eliminating opponents

Cost: 2000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Full name : Finn Mertens, the Human
Licence : Adventure Time
1st appearance : "Adventure Time (January 2007)

Finn's characteristic assets

Express promotion - MultiVersus

Promo Express

All items in Finn's shop cost 200 gold less for 10s once Finn's ally is ejected. The promotion becomes permanent when Finn reaches 100 damage.

C'is the house that invites - MultiVersus

It is the house that invites

Generates a free gem after connecting a fully charged ground attack.

Finn does not yet have a third asset.

Finn in MultiVersus

Finn is the king of ground fighting. His very long sword allows him to attack while staying at a distance from his opponent. It is extremely powerful and can throw the enemy in a wide range of directions, depending on the situation.

One of Finn's particularities is that he can not only charge all his attacks on the ground, but he can also move during charging. This is as useful for closing the gap with the opponent as it is for feinting or catching an enemy in the air. As the charge can be instantly cancelled with a dodge, feel free to use and abuse this method to put pressure on your opponents. The downward charge is particularly powerful at the edge of the field to throw the opponent into the abyss.

Another specificity of Finn is that each blow made with his sword generates gold coins to collect. Finn can then exchange them for buy various items These include boots to move faster (they can be bought several times to move even faster), trousers to be immune to projectiles during attacks, and a small robot capable of throwing an enemy extremely far at very short range. The latter is usually fatal, but very difficult to place.

When in the air, Finn can also buy a throw-away crystal. This crystal acts as a beacon to which Finn can teleport and attack on reception. It is his main tool for getting back on the field, but it is also a good way to engage enemies who are too elusive or have the advantage at a distance.

Be careful when whirling around with your bag though, as every blow you land on the enemy makes you lose a coin. Only use it to get back on the field or when you are pretty sure that the attack will kill the opponent.

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