Bugs Bunny - MultiVersus Guide

After the meadows, the space and the basketball courts, Bugs Bunny appears in MultiVersus. Although he is strong at long range, this cheerful rabbit has more than one trick up his sleeve and will give you a run for your money even in close combat. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his play style.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny

Class : Mage
Type : Hybrid
Difficulty : High
Role in 2v2 : Creating space

Cost: 2000 Golds

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Licence : Looney Tunes
1st appearance : "A Hunter Who Knows How to Hunt" (July 1940)

Bugs Bunny's characteristic assets

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What's new, Doctor

When they leave an existing tunnet, Bugs Bunny and his allies generate a shockwave, which inflicts damage on nearby enemies.

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Tough love

Bugs Bunny drops a floating heart with his kiss. Enemies hitting this heart fall under the spell, but the duration of the spell is significantly reduced.

Bugs Bunny does not yet have a third asset.

Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny is a field control pro. Stay as mobile as possible as a Bug, alternating between your skills and direct attacks so that your opponent doesn't know what to do.

With his rocket, his safe and his cream pies, he forces his opponents to negotiate their approaches well. All the more so as Bugs' skills are triggered after a certain period of timeThis makes it difficult to anticipate when these obstacles will appear. Bugs Bunny also faces this difficulty as he has to anticipate the behaviour of his various weapons. Playing in 2v2 allows you to take advantage of your ally to save the time needed to prepare Bugs' skills.

Each of these skills works in tandem with the Bugs' burrow. When the rocket, chest or cream pie passes by the hole, they fall in and are immediately projected on the other side of the burrow. Take advantage of this to catch your opponents by surprise. You can cross the rabbit hole yourself at will while charging a jumping attack to reduce the distance between you and your opponent.

If you launch your rocket into the air and it doesn't explode, it will fall back down after about 20 seconds. Digging a burrow ahead of time where the rocket will land is an excellent way to make it hit an inattentive opponent.

For close combat, Bugs is not to be underestimated, especially in the air. His legs, hammer and bat are formidable. They all have excellent reach and can eliminate an opponent with a single blow, if they have percentages above 80%. The hammer is particularly effective in defending the edges of the field, especially when combined with a vault drop.

If you get thrown to the sides or down, the Bugs rocket is a perfect tool to get back on the field. It gives you back your jumps and dodges, and it explodes in the face of opponents who want to stop you.

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