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Usually, Batman fights crime all over Gotham City. Now the Dark Knight is taking on the cards of MultiVersus. Between his grappling hook, his batarangs and other gadgets, the rich hero has a real arsenal to bring his opponents to their knees. We introduce you to the character, his characteristic assets and his style of play.



Class : Cogger
Type : Vertical
Difficulty : Easy
Role in 2v2 : Doing damage

Cost: 2000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Other names : Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight, Batou
Licence : DC Comics
1st appearance : "Detective Comics 27 (May 1939)

Batman's characteristic assets

Precision Grapple - Batman

Precision Grip

The grappling hook sends out a powerful blast when Batman reaches his destination. However, he deals less damage and recoil when he is drawn into his grapple.

Ricocharang - Batman


When the batarang hits an enemy as it was returning to Batman, it inflicts the maximum number of accumulations of Weakened.

Batman does not yet have a third asset.

Batman in MultiVersus

Batman is an extremely agile character, able to move with ease both on land and in the air. In addition, holding the jump button allows him to soar and get back on the field very easily. All this comes at a price, however, as Batman is one of the lightest characters in all of MultiVersus.

Batman's fighting style is almost exclusively based on combos. With his fists and feet, he can chain his opponents together while adapting to the way they take the blows. Most of Batman's combos end with a powerful uppercut, which is his main weapon for taking out a player.

But what would Batman be without his tools? The most important of these is certainly the Batarang, which Batman can send and control for a short time. The projectile goes very far and returns to its owner after a while. So you have to dodge both the outward and the return of the Batarang to be safe, which is often a real challenge. The return of the Batarang will regularly stop the enemies who had dodged the outgoing shot to try to hit you.

Batman's other essential tool is his Batbomb. Once equipped, the next attack that hits an opponent or his next Batarang, puts a time bomb on the enemy. After a short delay, the bomb explodes and throws the opponent into the air (unless he dodges at just the right moment). The best Batman will be able to land the bomb with a simple first attack and continue the combo until the bomb detonates following the final uppercut.

Batman can also deploy a smoke screen. In addition to obscuring the opponent's vision, the smoke makes those standing inside it invulnerable to various projectiles. Be careful, it doesn't destroy the projectiles and it doesn't cancel them when they pass through the smoke. You must therefore stand well inside the smoke to be immune.

Finally, Batman has a grappling hook. This should only be used in desperate situations to try and get back on the field, or if you have good timing with your bomb. Indeed, the grappling hook makes your move extremely predictable and any player who has faced Batman once will punish every time it is used.

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