Arya Stark - MultiVersus Guide

Arya Starkdaughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, arrives in MultiVersus. Combative and relentless, this Faceless will be your opponents' worst nightmare. She is just as capable of stealing their faces as she is of dealing them the coup de grace with her dagger. We introduce you to the character, her characteristic assets and her play style.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark

Class : Assassin
Type : Hybrid
Difficulty : High
Role in 2v2 : Eliminate weakened opponents

Cost: 3000 Gold

Added : Beta (19 July 2022)

Other names : A girl
Licence : Game of Thrones
1st appearance : "Winter is coming (2011)

Arya Stark's characteristic assets

Trophy - Arya Starks


When Arya ejects an enemy, she automatically gains their face.

Betrayal - Arya Stark


Hitting an ally with Arya's dagger causes a longer cooldown, but the ally receives a bonus enrage. If Arya leaps towards this dagger, she becomes enraged herself.

Arya does not yet have a third asset.

Arya Stark in MultiVersus

Arya Stark is a trained assassin in body-to-body combat and expert in upward elimination of the map. She dances around her enemies to hit them with Needle blows and start her devastating and almost endless combos, to be finished with her High Special.

To play Arya well, it is necessary to have a good management of the neutral game. Basically, knowing when to approach and when to retreat. Your goal is to place the first shot from which all the rest of your combos will flow. Fortunately, she has various tools to help her do this.

Her normal downward attack allows Arya to dodge with a roll before turning and striking. It is an excellent counter for all opponents trying to pull off their body-to-body combos as you immediately come up behind them to interrupt them. This move synergizes very well with Arya's passive which allows her to do more damage when it hits in the back.

For enemies who would rather hit a big hit than perform a series of combos, Arya can rely on her Low Special. Her next attack that will hit an opponent will automatically break its super-armour and will be considered as a backstabbing attack for maximum damage. If you are playing in 2v2, your ally also benefits from this skill.

Finally, for opponents who prefer to play from a distance, Arya can throw a dagger. Upon reactivation, she teleports to the dagger and strikes. If the dagger hits an opponent, it remains stuck in their back. Even if the dagger misses and gets stuck on the ground, if an enemy steps on it, the dagger will go into his back. Be careful though, a reactive opponent will be able to dodge when you teleport. Wait until the opponent is in the middle of an attack to trigger the skill.

The dagger has many other uses. When you are thrown to the sides, you can use it to return to the field. It can also be used to dodge attacks that are too dangerous. But it also and above all allows you to double the duration of your combos. If you perform a combo that takes the opponent into the air while he already has the dagger stuck in his back, you can reactivate the dagger at the end of the combo to start a new one that will probably lead to an ejection.

Arya also has a unique skill: she can steal the face of her opponents. Stealing an enemy's face allows her to copy its neutral attack on the ground or in the air. This is rarely useful, and it necessarily depends on your opponent. On the other hand, re-triggering face flight allows you to paralyze opponents for a moment in a large area around you. You can use it in the air, when your enemy is above the void, so that he falls to his death.

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