Monster Hunter Rise

Three new monsters in the free Monster Hunter Sunbreak update

As promised, Capcom continues to produce new content for the Sunbreak expansion to Monster Hunter Rise. With the second free updateThe developers have added several new monsters, including the awakened Chameleos. This third and final upgrade of the year also brings a number of new creatures. From 24 Novemberyou will be able to face the terrible Gore Magala of chaos, but also to the Teostra awake and the Kushala Daora awake.

Chaos breaks out in Sunbreak!

With the new free expansion available on 24 November, you will have the opportunity to take on a terrifying version of the Gore Magala. Entitled Gore Magala of chaosThe origin of this new species is a disturbed moult. These monsters were thus deprived of their transformation into a luminous and extraodinary version, the Shagaru Magala.

Due to this incomplete metamorphosis, the Chaos Gore Magala still has its old powers, but has also acquired some of the strength of the Shugaru Magala. It is a very unstable and violent creature, which will require you to be well prepared before facing it. Nevertheless, before you meet him in game, you must have reached Master Rank 10.

Gore Magala of chaos - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Although it makes its debut in Monster Hunter Sunbreak, this monster is not new to the licence. Fans of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will undoubtedly recognise this!

The awakening of the Dragons...

The Gore Magala of chaos will not be appearing in the battlefields alone, as other monsters have been announced: the awakened Teostra and the awakened Khusala Daora. These two monsters are none other than Ancient Dragons who have managed to get rid of the Qurio Virus.

The awakened Teostra
The awakened Teostra will burn everything in its path!
The awakened Kushala Daora
Defeating the Kushala Daora will be no picnic... but what?

When it is covered in flames, the awakened Teostra reveals its full power and stands ready to set everything around it ablaze. Knowing that he has new abilities, you will probably have to rethink your strategies if you want to take him down.

Drop the awakened Kushala Daora will not be easy either. This new variant of the original monster will be able to destabilize you during a confrontation, as much by its strength, as by its new attacks. Beware... or he will make you bite the dust with destructive storms.

These two masterful dragons will be accessible to experienced players, as it will be necessary to be at least Master Rank 120 to be able to fight them.

Further free upgrades are planned for next year. The developers have already announced two more expansions, one for the winter of 2024, and another, presumably more substantial, for the spring of 2024.