Monster Hunter Rise

Get the free Elgado Pack 5 in Monster Hunter Sunbreak

Capcom recently revealed that Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has passed the 5 million copies sold. As a thank you to the players, the company is offering a set of items called Elgado Pack 5. Released on 30 June 2022, this major expansion continues to bring new content with regular free updates. The next one is scheduled for February.

The Monster Hunter license has had a huge following since Monster HunterThe first episode was released on Playstation 2 in 2004. The latest in the series, Monster Hunter Riseis released in March 2021 on Switch.

In June 2022, this title received a huge expansion, entitled Sunbreak. It provides new monsters and new missions, such as anomaly quests. After just over 6 months, the DLC has sold over 5 million copies.

To celebrate this event, Capcom has decided to offer players a special pack. To get this gift, you just have to visit the Courier. Here are the contents of Elgado Pack 5 :

  • 10 Ancestral potions,
  • 10 Mega bomb barrels,
  • 10 Dango tickets,
  • 10 Spheres of heavy armour,
  • 1 Platinum egg,

The license is doing well in early 2023. Another extension of a previous Monster Hunter, World Hunter : Icebornhas reached an exceptional level of sales this week. Since 2018, this DLC has sold over 10 million copies!