Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Xbox Game Pass, PS4 and PS5

After a period of exclusivity on Switch, then a PC release, Monster Hunter Rise is finally coming to other home consoles. In addition to being sold on PS4 and PS5It is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment in the Monster Hunter license. It is a complementary episode to the 5th generation of the licence, which began with Monster Hunter World. The game places a very strong emphasis on player mobility. Where previous installments were rather rigid, Monster Hunter Rise allows players to climb any surface and use a kind of grappling hook capable of holding on even in the void. The result is a host of new moves and advanced combat strategies never before seen in the series.

Monster Hunter Rise was released in March 2021 on Switch before being released in January 2022 on PC. It took another year for the Xbox and PlayStation versions to be released. These versions run in 4K and 60 FPS and include all the content from Monster Hunter Rise, including the event quests. On the other hand, Sunbreak DLC contentwhich was released on Switch and PC last summer, is not expected to be available on these new versions until later in the year.

It's a rather late release, with the sixth generation of Monster Hunter expected to be announced at E3 2023. Still, it's a great game, which Game Pass owners can try for free.

As a reminder, Monster Hunter Rise is nor cross-play, nor cross-save. You will not be able to play with players from other platforms, nor will you be able to retrieve your savegame from another platform and import it to your latest console.