Monster Hunter Rise

Velkhana arrives in Sunbreak with fourth free update

Capcom has revealed the content of the fourth free update of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak at the last Digital Event. You will soon be able to face two new monsters, namely the mythical Velkhana, and the Valstrax scarlet awake. They will be accessible from of 7 February on Switch, as well as on Steam.

The return of the legendary Velkhana

Since its release, the Sunbreak DLC has received no less than three free and well-stocked upgrades. Through these, Capcom has added several well-known monsters from the licence, such as the Golden Rathian or even the Lunar Nargacuga. Today, it is the Velkhana which is making a comeback.

This ancient dragon first appeared in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborn. He was even the iconic creature. A master of ice, he will give you a hard time, even if you already know him well. From the demonstration video, it seems that he has some new attacks that will throw you off balance. The Velkhana will be available in-game from RM10.

Velkhana is coming to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

The awakening continues...

The second update of Sunbreak brought the very first waking monster of the opus, namely the awakened Chameleos. The Awakened Dragons are creatures that have managed to escape the evil influence of the Qurio. In doing so, they have developed even more devastating powers than those of their original, infected form

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Scarlet Valstrax
The awakened Scarlet Valstrax

The latter was already a good challenge for seasoned fighters, but other awakened beasts were born with the following update. The awakened Teostra and the Khusala Daora have now reached the distant lands of Elgado. If you have managed to defeat these two entities, a new challenge awaits you.

This first update of 2023 introduces the awakened Scarlet Valstraxa variant of a variant! Scarlet Valstrax is none other than the most powerful enemy in Monster Hunter Rise. So he was already particularly difficult to take down. Before you even meet the awakened version, you'll have to Upgrade to Master RM160You will have to rethink your strategies a little and prepare even better to take it down.

This update obviously brings other elements, including the presence of new monsters in the anomaly quests for even more difficulty. You'll also be able to pick up some cool cosmetics through the paid DLC. All this content will be available from 7 February.

The next free upgrade will arrive in April. We already know that she will revive an ancient Dragon from a previous opus. However, his identity remains a mystery...