Monster Hunter Rise

The all-important Malzeno in Monster Hunter Sunbreak with bonus update

At the digital event dedicated to the fifth update of Monster Hunter Rise SunbreakCapcom had already hinted at an epic final battle for the bonus update. Thanks to a new event released today, we now know who we're dealing with: it's no less than of the mythical Malzeno Primordial!

Each opus in the Monster Hunter Licence has been marked by a very special monster, such as the Amatsu in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The standard-bearer for the Sunbreak expansion was none other than le Malzenoan ancient dragon as deadly as it is splendid. While the latter already offered a highly enjoyable battle for seasoned hunters, the version unveiled at the of the digital event on 7 June promises an even tougher battle.

Title Malzeno primordialThis great new monster is in fact just the original, uncontaminated form of the Malzeno already available in the game. To have a chance of facing this formidable opponent, you'll need to have reached at least RM10.

The all-important Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Although he may not appear to be affected by the Qurio, the description on the official website implies that he may be under the influence of the virus at certain points in the battle. In addition, the developers have warned players about its new movements and its new ecology. You'll probably have to rethink your strategies if you want to beat Sunbreak's latest opponent.

The primordial Malzeno will be available from 8 JuneYou'll be able to do just that as soon as version 16.0 is released. So you won't have to wait long to craft new weapons and other equipment for this majestic creature.