Monster Hunter Rise

Amatsu added to Sunbreak with fifth free update

During the last Digital Event, Capcom revealed the content of the fifth free update of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Prepare yourself well, the terrible and destructive Amatsu makes its comeback. The awakening of the creatures continues. This time it is the Shagaru Magala who gets an even more powerful version, the awakened Shugaru Magala. Both creatures, as well as the other elements brought with the update, will be available from 20 April next on all platforms.

The return of the dreaded Amatsu

The latest update to the Sunbreak DLC brought a mythical creature to the land of Elgado, namely the Velkhana. The studio took the opportunity to tease the arrival of new monsters in April. We didn't have any more information on this subject, but now it's done. Your hunt, if you accept it, will continue with the Amatsuan ancient dragon with infinite powers. He is obviously not unknown to the public, as he first appeared in the title Monster Hunter Portable 3rdin 2011.

Able to manipulate the weather, it will give you a hard time. In particular, you will need to watch out for storms They are not called Imminent Calamities for nothing! To have the chance to face it, you will first have to prove your worth: it will only be available infrom RM10.

Amatsu comes to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak with the fifth free update.

A new awakened creature!

The awakened Shagaru Magala from Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Awakened monsters appeared in Sunbreak with the second update free. After the Chameleos, the Teoastra, the Kushala Daora and the Scarlet Valstrax, the developers have now worked on an even more epic version of the Shagaru Magala, the awakened Shagaru Magala. Like all awakened dragons, he managed to escape from the Qurio and thus developed new attacks.

If you wish to take on this creature of darkness, you will need to reach RM180. A word of advice, when you face him, beware of the Frenzy virus...

Concerning Investigations

In addition, a brand new type of Anomaly quest has been introduced. Entitled Special investigationsThe entities you encounter carry special powers. Since the maximum level Anomaly quests was raised to 300In addition, investigations will be reserved for warriors who have completed at least one quest of this level.

Special Investigations will be added to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak with the new free update.

Completing these quests will not earn you any valuable treasures or new challenges. However, you will be able to collect a Hero Badge if you finish enough of them.

All new content will be available from 20 April next. The next free content addition will be the last one. This one should be available in June. The video presentation hints at a historical battle, but the opponent is unknown. The only information we have at the moment comes from the raodmap, which states a variant of monster. Suspenseful, then...