Monster Hunter Rise

Second free update for Monster Hunter Sunbreak coming soon

As announced by Capcom, several free updates for Monster Hunter Sunbreak are coming. With the firstIn the first update, the studio introduced the Silver Rathalos and the Golden Rathian. For this second update, new monsters and subspecies have been revealed, including the Espinas de Fuego. You will be able to access all the new content from 29 September.

The adventure continues with new monsters

As mentioned above, the Fire Espinas will make its debut in Sunbreak very soon. This creature will not arrive alone as two other entities have been revealed, namely the brand new Chameleos awake and Mizutsune Mauve.

Awakened Chameleos - Sunbreak
Purple Mizutsune - Sunbreak

The Chameleos awake is none other than an ancient dragon, who managed to escape from the Qurio virus. Stronger and more skilful, he will make life difficult for you. Beware of its poison and its language, at the risk of losing your life. The nightmare awaits you, so prepare yourself well!

Be prepared as you will also have to face the Purple Mizutsune. Despite its graceful appearance and its sublime, glittering fur, this leviathan is not a creature of light. A true hunter, it will not fail to make you feel fear. Between gas bubbles and blazes of white flamesThis monster is equipped to make your life hell.

Other nice new features

If you're a cosmetics fan, you'll be delighted. The new version of Sunbreak brings the possibility touse your favourite skins for your different weapons. Slaughtering creatures is cool, but doing it in style is even cooler!

The last update introduced the Anomaly Investigation System. From now on, you can enjoy the Level 120 investigations. A new rank is also introduced for the associated quests, namely the 6 star A rank. New ranks mean new monsters to fight. In particular, you will be able to fight the Gore Magala and the Rakna-Kadaki of fire.