Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom Unveils Monster Hunter Sunbreak's Fire Espinas

As promised, Capcom will continue to feed the DLC Monster Hunter Sunbreak new monsters and new game mechanics. Overnight, they unveiled a new subspecies: the Espinas de Fuego.

L'Espinas was a Monster Hunter Frontier exclusive monster for 14 years, until the release of Monster Hunter Sunbreak. The basic monster is capable of inflicting fire, poison and electric shock in a single fireball. This flaming version looks to turn up the heat and is reminiscent of the flames of the Golden Rathian.

The Fire Espinas will arrive in the next free update, at the end of September. It won't come alone and we can now expect Capcom to regularly reveal new monsters between now and then.

Capcom is also taking the opportunity to announce the upcoming arrival of an all-in-one pack allowing you to buy Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak DLC, for those who have not yet given in to the Qurios' song.