Monster Hunter Rise

New monsters in the free Monster Hunter Sunbreak update

It has now been just over a month since the Sunbreak extensionfor the game Monster Hunter Rise has been released. While this DLC has already brought several new features, including big monstersThe additions are not over yet! The new free update has been revealed: equipment, new monsters, zone or quests, if you are a fan of the series, you will be delighted.

Four new monsters in Sunbreak

During last night's presentationIn this issue, we have discovered the new creatures that will join Sunbreak very (very) soon. Among these monsters, three are regulars of the Monster Hunter saga.

So, if you are one of the older hunters, and you have played Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, you will probably remember the Silver Rathalos and the Golden Rathian. Don't worry, the challenge will be there, even if you know them inside out, as Capcom has explained that they'll have some new moves in their arsenal!

Monster Hunter Sunbreak - Silver Rathalos
Monster Hunter Sunbreak - Gold Rathian

In addition to these two great entities, this free update will bring the Lunar NargacugaA well known monster from the Monster Hunter series, which appeared in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Using its ability to reflect the light of the full moon to make itself invisible, it will challenge you and your fellow hunters... Lunar Nargacuga is an iconic location! You may have guessed it, but it is indeed the Forbidden Tower card that is making a comeback. Just like itself, but even better, that's the studio's promise. We can't wait to go hunting again under the full moon.

Monster Hunter Sunbreak - Lunar Nargacuga
Monster Hunter Sunbreak - Forbidden Tower

This is already enough to delight the greatest number of people, but Capcom goes further, since the lands of Sunbreak will now welcome a new form of Bazelgeuse : the Vulcan Bazelgeuse. According to the developers, the creature will be able to keep its explosive scales permanently active. This Bazelgeuse will also be able to enter a superpowered stateduring which she can sprinkle the ground with these very dangerous scales.

Monster Hunter Sunbreak - Bazelgueuse Vulcan

A new quest system

In addition to these new monsters, Anomaly Investigations are making their debut in Sunbreak. This is a brand new quest system, linked to the Anomalies. The main feature of these quests is their randomness. Indeed, the conditions for each of the quests will be determined randomlyThe new quests will have a fixed level, determining the strength of the targeted monster and the rewards at the end of the quest. In addition, these new quests will have a fixed level, determining the strength of the targeted monster, as well as the rewards at the end of the quest. This promises hours of fun!

New Quest System: Anomaly Investigation

New armour sets, a new endgame, more anomaly quests, that's the new update too! For those who would like more information about all the new content coming with the update, all the notes are available on the official Capcom website. In any case, you won't have to wait long to go hunting for these new faces, version 11 will be deployed today, Wednesday 9 August.

The studio does not intend to stop there and will bring even more elements in the future. The next free update for Sunbreak is planned for September next. This one should please all hunters as well, thanks to its rare monsters and new subspecies!